• By: Tori McNeely

Davina Pearl and the Power of Live Music

Figure out what makes you distinct and go for it.

That is the advice Ottawa-based saxophone player Davina Pearl would offer to someone considering a career in music.

It is also precisely the philosophy that she has followed as she made her way from musician to bandleader.

At age 11, Davina Pearl picked up her first instrument.

At age 16, she started giving lessons. At age 17, she played her first restaurant gig.

Nothing topped the feeling of playing in a band.

“Most musicians just love to play and don’t want to deal with any of the peripheral demands, especially when it comes to self-promotion. I was certainly one of them,” said Pearl. “But at one point a little light went on, and I realized I just needed to get over myself and get out there.”

Now Ottawa’s highly skilled and versatile saxophone player is leading her own groups.

In 2014, Davina Pearl Groups was born out of Pearl’s passion for live music and her desire to help people take their event to the next level: Live music, tailored just for you. That is the promise that Davina Pearl Groups makes to clients.

Elegant, engaging, tasteful and perfectly suited to the occasion. Never too loud is feedback they consistently get from clients.

Davina is committed to making each of her events a standout. She delves into the details, both practical and artistic, working closely with each client to determine what type of group would work best for their particular event.

From solo piano or harp, to cocktail trio, to string quartet, to dance band, Davina will call on her finest musicians to ensure clients receive the best musical option available.

“If you’re planning an event, you are thinking about all the details, the venue, the catering, the flowers – it’s already overwhelming. I’ve been working in bands, and organizing bands for so long, I realized that I could put that knowledge and experience to good use for anyone who finds themselves in that position. I’ve witnessed it over-and-over again, and my clients will attest, how live music can elevate an event from pleasant, to totally breathtaking.”

If emotions have sound, that sound is music.

Pearl’s passion for playing live stems from the emotional connection that music builds between everyone gathered in the performance space, be they members of the band, or the audience.

“The power of live music brings people together, makes them feel connected. And creates a sense of occasion.

“It’s about telling a story, and staying true to it from beginning to end, in order to move people and allow them to connect to themselves and each other,” said Pearl.

Davina Pearl Groups will absolutely make you believe in the power of live music.