Day at the Spa: The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Being a mother is stressful. Though it may be expressed as “I’m just a little tired,” or “I’m feeling like I have a little too much on my plate right now,” the endless responsibilities and commitments are nothing to shrug off. But there is no need for moms to… well, stress about all of this stress. With Mothers Day just around the corner, treating the woman in your life to a trip to an Ottawa spa is the ideal way to let them unwind and recharge.

What exactly can they be indulged with at the spa? Without a doubt, a massage is among the best ways to release stress and breathe easy. There are many variations of the art, with Swedish massage being the most popular. It is comprised of a variety of movements, including gliding, tapping and vibrating. Hot stones or oil can be added to further the benefits of the massage session. With this done by candlelight, one will be in perfect serenity for weeks.

The royal treatment doesn’t have to end there. Spas offer a variety of facial treatments. Through massage, moisturizing, exfoliation and the use of special gels, soaps and lotions, a facial can rejuvenate skin by removing any discolouration or wrinkles, and eliminating all existing patches of dry skin. Facials can even be specialized, varying from a brief, gentle treatment to a longer, more intensive one, such as a Hydraderm treatment.

This kind of skin rejuvenation treatment does not only have to be limited to the face. Body wraps can offer even more softer, younger-looking skin. For instance, an algae wrap achieves this through an exfoliation process and the spreading of a warm algae gel. Aromatherapy body scrub treatments also offer the similar benefits of reduced stress and great looking skin. Your loved one will come home from the spa literally glowing!

There are endless ways to customize a trip to the spa. A hydrotherapeutic bath can provide even further time to decompress. A session in an infrared sauna can do the same, while providing the added benefit of cleansed skin and the elimination of toxins from their body. And, of course, no trip to the spa is complete without a manicure and pedicure.

Not only are spa days relaxing: they’re fun. They allow for your loved one to take a breath and spend the day with friends, or just by themselves. The important part is that it is their day.

Not sure what would make their day at the spa perfect? A gift certificate is always a fantastic option, ensuring that they come back from the spa feeling relaxed and pampered.