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DesignerDIY: Spotlight on Scandinavian Style

Understanding the key elements of the style being contemplated for any space are just as important as the final selections for that space.  Over the next several weeks, we are going to feature the 9 distinct themes that Bouclair’s newest collection {Atelier Bouclair} boasts.  These styles include Scandinavian, Industrial Chic, Monochromatic, Eclectic, Vintage Mod, Metropolitan, Urban Classic, Classic and a Modern Cottage theme.

Scandinavian Style - OLM In a nutshell, Scandinavian style represents highly functional, minimalistic spaces with clean simple lines. Often referred to as ‘democratic design’because of it’s desire to appeal to the masses through readily available and affordable products.  The influences and key attributes of this design movement originate in Sweden, Norway and other North European countries.

According to an Icelandic designer, Katrin Eyporsdottir, the “subtle decorative qualities stemming from the early-20th century art movements and the simple lines deriving from the inter-war art movements gave this style its elegance and even though the designs were democratic and meant for the masses, they were not stripped of all beauty in order to make them as easy to use as possible.”

Scandinavian KIT - OLM

Key elements of Scandinavian design include the use of:

  • simple clean lines
  • organic materials
  • natural light

Most notably what Scandinavian style achieves is the perfect union of sophistication and practicality.  Love the look?  Find it here!  Check the full collection featured at Atelier Bouclair.

To further your knowledge on Scandinavian Style, I highly recommend that you check out the full article by Katrin Eyporsdottir.

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