• By: Keith Whittier

Digital Detox at Wanderlust

Photo courtesy of Ali Kaukas

The upcoming Wanderlust Festival at Mont-Tremblant is the ultimate digital detox. With all of the different activities, yoga classes and spa excursions occupying your time, you’ll (almost) forget about the emails, texts and notifications blowing up your phone.

Photo courtesy of Abbey Ley

Wanderlust is a perfect opportunity to set aside the devices that transport you back to the office and get back in touch with yourself, as Wanderlust’s core mission is to create community around mindful living. Take a break from connecting with everyone in your social world and enjoy the time to connect with yourself.

While there are countless benefits to modern technology and its ability to keep you connected no matter where you are in the world, sometimes it feels too easy to go overboard and forget the toll technology addiction takes on your health and happiness. If you’re anything like me, you know the feeling of forgetting your phone at home and feeling like you’re missing a limb.

Wanderlust is clearly the ideal place to unplug. I mean, look at the scenery! But you don’t have to completely unplug to reap the benefits of a digital detox in your everyday life.

Here are some tips to wean yourself off those addicting devices:

Photo courtesy of Ali Kaukas

1. Charge your phone overnight and leave the charger at home during the day. This way you’ll be forced to use your phone conservatively to save the battery, but will still be able to check it when necessary.

2. Decide on a “bed-time” for phone/computer use and do your best to stick to it. You’ll find if you don’t stare at a screen in the couple hours before you go to bed, you’ll sleep better and wake up feeling more rested. Use this extra time to read that book you’ve been meaning to read for ages or pamper yourself with an at-home spa night! This will also prevent you from staying up later than you intended surfing the web and watching YouTube videos.

3. If you stare at a computer screen at work most of the day, take a quick walk around the office every 20-minutes or so to give yourself a tech-break. Also, instead of emailing your coworker with a work-related question, walk over to their desk and ask them in person.

We can all use a break from the texting, tweeting and typing every now and again. Whether you’re ready for a full-blown digital detox at Wanderlust, or want to gradually wean yourself from the devices, every little bit counts towards a healthier and happier you!

Do you need a digital detox? Let us know!

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