• By: Kat Walcott

Disney On Ice Brings Magic to Ottawa with Dare to Dream

Photos by Kat Walcott

Disney On Ice once again graced the Canadian Tire Centre with their latest spectacle Dare to Dream! Disney On Ice, a series of spectacular and vibrant live ice performances, has been producing critically acclaimed shows for almost 40 years and their latest surely does not disappoint! Dare to Dream is all about girl power, following six beloved Disney heroines–Moana, Rapunzel, Anna, Elsa, Cinderella and Belle–on exciting and courageous adventures to save loved ones, fight for what they believe in and cherish and follow their dreams.

There was a noticeable buzz of excitement throughout the centre even before the show began with little kids, mostly little girls, dressed up as their favourite Disney princesses and jumping and gleaming in anticipation. The lobby area and vendors right outside the bowl were crowded as everyone rushed to nab some popcorn or Disney memorabilia for their kids–everything from plastic cups, headbands, stuffed animals and much more. Once everyone was filing in to take their seats, little kids were already getting the party started by adorably dancing and singing along to the Disney songs that were playing over the speakers.

At 7 PM sharp, The two-hour long show kicked off with a “hype up” segment featuring non-costumed skaters doing fun, follow-along choreography to popular hit songs. This got everyone in the packed arena, particularly all the little kids, up and dancing and even more excited for the show to start. This then transitioned to a comical introduction by classic Disney characters Mickey and Minnie joined by their friends Goofy and Donald Duck. How the performers are able to skate so gracefully and smoothly in these full, seemingly hot, costumes is truly incredible!

Finally, what everyone was waiting for began! It was finally time for the heroines to appear on stage. Starting with the beautiful and intelligent Belle of Beauty and the Beast, the show was divided into parts, each heroine starring in her own set which was essentially a condensed, 15-minute version of their respective movie storylines.

Stand out moments included the “Be Our Guest” segment, where dozens of performers in character as all the dishware accompanied Belle on the ice to re-create the iconic scene from the movie. Another show-stopping moment that had the entire audience in awe was when Tangled’s Rapunzel and Flynn did a stunning aerial ribbon performance, the ribbon representing Rapunzel’s hair, all without any wires.

The highlight of the entire night though was definitely the Moana set. Moana, of last year’s box-office smash of the same name, makes her Disney On Ice debut in this show and is an absolute scene stealer with her youthful, spunky and vibrant personality. Since the movie is set on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui, this segment of the show, which was saved for last, truly brought the heat to the chilled arena. Complete with brightly-coloured sets and lights, real fire, beautifully choreographed skating inspired by traditional Polynesian dancing, and a principal skater who is the spitting image of the character, you really felt like you were transported right into the movie. The show then wrapped up with everyone, from all parts of the show, coming on stage together for a final group number.

With its mix of both old and new characters, whether you have little ones who are Disney fans, or you want to relieve some of the classic Disney moments you grew up with, this show will not disappoint! The show runs through Sunday and tickets are available now.