• By: Keith Whittier

Disney`s Aladdin Jr – catchy and memorable numbers, fun characters, a show that everyone can enjoy

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“Look! Here comes the genie!” is what will be heard in the audience, as a young Aladdin, decides to polish up a curious-looking lamp he’d found in a cave on the outskirts of Agrabah.

Suzart Productions is presenting Disney’s Aladdin Jr at Britannia United Church a family friendly show that will enthrall everyone.

The show, an adaptation of Disney’s 1992 animated musical film, is part of Disney’s “Junior” musical series, shortened versions of Broadway musicals customized for younger performers. The adaptation features six songs from the parent musical (in keys appropriate for developing voices) and can be performed in one 70-minute act.

Director Jay Landreville is putting together an entertaining, fastmoving and colorful production that will keep all the youngsters in the audience spellbound. Landreville boasts, “It's been an enjoyable summer working with such a great cast and production team. The cast, made up of youth age 7 to 16 bring so much energy to every rehearsal and their enthusiasm is contagious! Many parents comment that they go home singing after every rehearsal, and that they spend a lot of time practicing at home as well.”

Inside the Royal Palace gates in the faraway city of Agrabah, Princess Jasmine prepares to choose a husband. Against Jasmine’s wishes, her father the Sultan insists that she pick from among three visiting Princes by tomorrow. In Jafar’s chambers, the villainous vizier and his sidekick parrot Iago secretly rewrite a law so that the Princess will have to marry the Sultan’s highest-ranking official, Jafar, if she fails to choose a husband within the time allotted. Jasmine, does not like the idea of being forced to marry a man her father chooses; she dreams of freedom.

One day, Jasmine leaves the sanctuary of the palace and during an excursion to the market runs into a poor boy named Aladdin. Aladdin has gotten himself into hot water for stealing food, and the two star-crossed characters long to be in each other’s position –Aladdin basking in the comforts of the palace, and Jasmine longing for Aladdin’s freedom. Well, Aladdin is not free for long and is entombed in a cave by Razoul and the palace guards. Here, our young hero finds a magic carpet, who encourages Aladdin to rub a golden lamp. Enter the Genie, and so goes the rest of the story.

The production team and Director are often amazed how quickly the cast pick things up, especially when learning dance routines or musical numbers, some of which are quite complex and challenging. This show has something for everyone – humour, villainy, finding ones true self, and even romance, it is all there. It is a show that all ages can enjoy.

Landreville explains, "We like that the cast have been able to stay true to the nature of the Disney characters, but have been able to put their own creative spin on the roles. As rehearsals continue, it is fun to see these roles develop further. It's hard not to enjoy working on a show like Disney's Aladdin Jr."

Tickets at www.suzart.ca or 613-828-3500 or at the door
August 23-26 at 7:30pm
Admission: Children 10 and under $10, Adults $20
Location: Britannia United Church, 985 Pincrest RoadAdmission: Children 10 and under $10, Adults $20
Location: Britannia United Church, 985 Pincrest Road