DIY: Christmas in a Jar

December is finally here and with it the Holiday festivities are about to begin! It’s time to dig out your holiday decorations, festive lights and other yule-tide goodies. One of my favourite Christmas decorations are Christmas Villages. These are fun and adorable but it takes years to collect a perfect little replica of a Christmas village. After all, a village is never really a complete with only a few houses, a couple of figurines and one wagon. So why not try something out of the norm? Christmas in a jar is a festive substitute for a traditional holiday classic, and it  is wallet friendly, easy to make and uses materials you probably already own!

Almost everyone has boxes full of extra Christmas decorations (somewhere in the depths of the basement that rarely get to see the light) glass jars, cotton balls and ribbons. With these materials and the simple steps outlined below, your little Christmas village is only one jar away from complete. The result looks covet-worthy and the project also puts some unused materials to “happier”, use.


How to make your own Christmas in a jar:

1.Cover the bottom of your jars with cotton balls

2.Place your decorations inside the jar. Glue them down if you are afraid that they will not stay stationary.

3.Tie a ribbon around the jar lid to give it that extra festive look!