DIY: Fringe Necklace

Living in a cold climate such as Ottawa can really put a damper on one’s wardrobe. However, no matter how fridgid the temperature is, you can always use a statement necklace. Frindge necklaces are flashy and can be used to dress up or down any outfit. They look great over a heavy sweater or a loose fitted tank, and translate from cold frigid winters to balmy summer weather as well. Plus they are very easy and fun to make. Below are simple step-by-step instructions on how to make your own fringe necklace. Design it any colour and let it work its way into your wardrobe!


Here is everything you will need for this project: fringe lining, chains, hoops, thread & needle.


How to:

1. Sew a knot to combine the fringe ends. I sewed the knot about 7 inches from the neck.


2. Combine a few chains onto a hoop.


3. Sew the hoop onto the fringe around where you want it. I sewed mine so it ends on my upper shoulder.

4. Voila, you are ready to wear your fringe necklace!