DIY: Hemp Bracelets

Remember the friendship bracelets back in grade school? While we may not see those colorful bands much anymore, the idea of it is still around. Hemp bracelets are the new friendship bracelet of 2012. They are easy to make and can be customized in so many ways, and who could resist giving (or getting) one’s BFF a trendy and stylish accessory! Although, this isn’t your traditional neon-coloured band, it’s still a cute and personal gift. Plus, even good things need updating once in a while too.

What you will need:

– Hemp, thread, beads and a button. (The hemp should be at least double the length you want your bracelet to be)


Fold the hemp in half and tie a knot. Make sure the hole for the knot is just big enough for the button to fit through. Wrap the thread around the hemp about 5 times. Thread your beads on like the picture below.

When you get your ideal length, wrap the thread around the hemp 5 times and knot it. Add the button at the end of the hemp.

Hide the hemp under the button, knot it, cut it and you are done!