DIY: Metal Frame Collar for your Blouse

Blouses are one of the staples in anyone’s wardrobe. They can be dressed up with pencil skirts or dressed down with a pair of boyfriend jeans. Blouses are always in style and one can see that the metal collar blouses are the latest trend. Instead of buying a new blouse, here is a way to DIY your own metal details to an existing blouse. It’s easy, fun, cost-effective and stylish all at the same time. Follow these simple instructions and stay fashionable all year round!

What you will need:

Cookie Tray

Industrial Scissors

A Blouse of Choice



How to:

1.  Cut 2 squares from your cookie tray with industrial scissors. The cookie tray is great for this project as the metal will not rust and it is soft enough to be cut with regular industrial scissors.

2.  Cut a slit on the rectangle piece.

3.  Bend the rectangle over the end of the collar. Use a hammer to pound it in tact. Make sure you put a towel in between so you don’t dent the metal.

There you have it, a custom-made metal collar for your blouse. A wonderful, cost-effective and easy way to stay stylish this spring!