Don’t Get Cold Feet! Be part of the Socks Box Campaign

Photo Credit by Langar for Hunger

One year ago Supinder Singh, a north Kanata man, has taken the Sikh concept of Langar (Community Kitchen) on to the street and launched Langar for Hunger project. This is a community kitchen that provides a free meal to those in need. Singh and team of volunteers visits various shelters every month and asks others to join him.

Singh believes in one city one community were we all work together on the welfare of the inhabitants of the city.

Singh mentioned that last time when we went to the Mission, kids younger at five years old, four years old, they were preparing sandwiches,” Singh said. “And that’s where the goal, the vision is — to educate the younger generation so that when the next generation comes in, we don’t have to teach them the community work, we don’t have to teach them inclusiveness. It’s going to be built in as a part of their life.

Indeed, Langar for Hunger volunteers also has SafeTalk training which teaches people and volunteers about how to be “a suicide-alert helper” concerning prevention and how to deal with people who are having thoughts of suicide. Langar for Hunger also provides help for those struggling with mental health issues and has organized various metal health awareness events within the Ottawa. Community. Supinder Singh himself was touched by mental health after his mother passed, so now he wants to help others.

For the second year, Langar For Hunger adds The Sox Box Campaign as part of the project. The campaign collects socks for men, women, and children living in the Ottawa shelters. In its second year, the goal is to gather 2500 new pairs of socks by the end of December 30th, 2017.

Singh has realized that everybody donates food, jackets or clothing, but they don’t imagine the importance of having a good pair of socks in wintertime. Some people sitting outside have jackets, hats or gloves but their socks may be broken, wet and their feet cold.

If you are interested in donating or want to be part of this campaign, don’t hesitate to contact your nearest workplace, school or community center. Singh is still looking for organizations, schools, and workplaces to collect donations of new socks.

So far, some of the donators and partners that have support the Sox Box Campaign are Mirch Masala Radio, CKCU FM 93.1, Karen McCrimmon (Member of Parliament), MDS Aero, Dentistry on Centrepointe, Canadian Blood Services, various other private and Government individual employees and the Kanata Minor Hockey League Association.

According to Singh, the most important aspect of his project not only is to provide free meals or socks but also to realize that anyone and everyone can be part of this project and campaign.

This project is guided by the concept of the universal oneness of mankind, so everyone is welcome to join regardless of religion, caste, color, creed, age, gender or social status.