Don’t Ruin Your Backyard Party With These Little Mistakes

The invitations can be sent out, the decorations and party supplies can be set up and set out, and the drinks can be chilled, and yet a tiny mistake can still put a damper on your event. Here is a list of three all-too-common mistakes that people make with their parties and how you can circumvent them.

You don’t have enough food for guests:

One of the biggest party-hosting mistakes that you can make is not preparing enough food for your guest-list — this is especially important if the event is supposed to last for more than an hour or two because people will leave early to find lunch. To avoid this faux-pas you should invest in a company that offers bbq catering in Toronto to take care of the food and drinks for the day. An experienced Toronto bbq catering company will know exactly how much to prepare for your guest-list, even when they have big appetites. Pick a beloved company like The Food Dudes to grill up their hand-crafted banquet burgers, Wagyu burgers and cobs of Mexican street corn, so that you can relax and mingle with the guests. This way you won’t have to fret about having enough food, you won’t have to run out to the store to fetch more snacks and you won’t have to sweat in front of a blazing grill while your friends have fun.

You underestimate the intensity of the sun:

You don’t want to host an event where the guests have bright red sunburns or feel faint from the heat by the time they need to head home. To avoid this seasonal problem, you should make sure to provide plenty of shade with awnings and umbrellas for people to sit underneath. You can also put out a bucket of products that will prevent a sunburn like a sunscreen with SPF of over 30, wide-brimmed sunhats and extra sunglasses for attendees to use if they didn’t bring any of their own.

You don’t plan for mosquitoes to surround your backyard:

These pesky critters can have your guests swatting the air and scratching their skin within minutes — or worse, they could send everyone to leave the beautiful backyard and to go into the house for relief. To make sure your yard isn’t full of mosquitoes on the day of the party, get rid of standing water by covering puddles, emptying birdbaths and covering pools. If you have a firepit in the backyard, you can make herbal insect repellent bundles with sprigs of sage, mint and lavender and then burn them during the event — the smoke will dispel the unwanted bugs and give off a pleasant smell in comparison to bottled bug spray.

You want your guests to leave your house feeling wonderful, not regretful that they came over. To be sure that they walk out of your front door feeling elated and satisfied, plan ahead with a professional caterer, offer protection from the sun and scare the bugs away.