Dos and don’ts in wine drinking etiquette you should know

For many wine enthusiasts, going to a wine tasting event is an excellent way to taste new wines that are becoming popular in the market. However, if you are a newbie, it is an excellent way to dive in headfirst into the world of wines.

For starters, you need to know the dos and don'ts of attending a wine tasting party. The following points that will be mentioned below are just some of the things you need to look out for in a wine tasting event, whether it is a formal one or a casual walk-around event.

Here, you can look around and taste whichever wine you want and see if you can find your favourite. Guides will be there to help you out during the event, but still, having an idea of what to do and what not to do is an excellent way to start your journey. Here are some of them.

Do: Note the differences

A large wine tasting event will be overwhelming for beginners, even for professionals. What you can do is to pick a particular grape variety from a specific region, and from there, go to another province with the same grape variety, especially with the best margaux wines.

In this way, you can note the key differences between the areas, and pick which one of them is better for your taste.

Do: Hold the glass by the stem

Now that you have picked your first wine, fill up your glass or let the sommelier do it for you. Do not forget to always hold the stem of the wine glass. The design of the wine glass is made like that for specific reasons.

By holding the stem, you will be able to see the composition of the wine. Also, by holding it at the stem, you will not warm up the wine as the drink should always be a little bit colder than the temperature of the room. This is also done to avoid smudging the glass.

Do: Decant your wine (optional)

For veterans out there, decanting the wine first before drinking it is a tradition. Decanting is the process of separating the sediment of the wine, especially if it’s been stored for a long time. By decanting the wine, you can let your wine get in contact with air, which will then soften out the features of the wine.

Do: Ask questions if you have some

If you want to know more about the wine you are drinking, approach the sommelier or the host. They are there to guide you throughout the event, especially the host. A host is there to give some context to your wine of choice, as well as giving some recommendations for the next wine you want to taste.

It’s their job to help you know the background of the wine, as well as a guide you on your next wine journey. If you are a newbie, it will bring them great joy to share their knowledge and passion with someone new.

Don’t swirl too much

Swirling your wine has its purpose. Swirling your wine too much will lead to a mess. Swirling the wine will release the aroma of the wine for you to smell and appreciate its flavors. Also, swirling the wine will give it a more complex character.

Don’t wear perfume

Wearing perfume will hinder not only your sense of smell but also others’. The sense of smell is essential to distinguish the aroma and flavor of the wine you are drinking, especially to veteran wine drinkers.

Don’t put ice

This is especially true for white wines. It is a given that before serving wines in the event, they are given a proper temperature to have the appropriate chill. Because of this, the ice will then change the features of the wine. The ice will ruin the balance of the cold and flavor of the wine that the host has achieved for you to appreciate. It can be rather insulting to put an ice cube to a perfectly chilled wine, isn’t it?

Don’t put too much wine in your glass

Overpouring your glass makes it seem that you are a beginner that didn’t do his/her research. Before tasting wine, you need to swirl it slowly in the wine glass for it to release its flavor. But with a full glass of wine, you are prone to spills.


Veteran or not, you need to know and practice the basic etiquette of drinking wine. Without this knowledge, you wouldn’t be able to appreciate the wine in its full glory. Once you learn all the basics, you can then enjoy the event to its fullest.