DOXX – ii – Album Review

Following in the footsteps of aggressive punk bands like Priests (DC) and Be Your Own Pet, the new release ii from Ottawa’s DOXX is a savage hit of clever commentary mixed with their devastating and fast music. The fury of their delivery all comes in less than 11 minutes of some of the best local punk in quite some time.

The album rips open on the vicious and chugging "HUMAN WASTE CEO," with drums crashing in every open moment of the song. Vocals go from talkative, to screaming to powerfully guttural roars, and the final touches on the exotic guitar licks give the song more weight than expected. "TRANSACTION" comes out in a burning flame, and manages to cut between its intensely fast choruses and groove driven verses seamlessly. The lyrics also cleverly discuss  the irony of boys clubs that frown at the lgbtq community, despite the fact that they all try to impress other men.

In a mere 50 seconds the short-but-sweet "SHOPLIFTED" makes some interesting commentary on the world of make-up with thrashing guitars and pounding drums hurtling it along. The song speaks to the issue of wanting to look good while not having the money to afford useful make-up. Their commentary will crack a smile on anyone's face with the brilliant line of "Maybe she's born with it/Maybe it's shoplifted."

"TOFU SLIME" criticizes preachy vegans, who also hold worse beliefs among their fellow humans than the animals they're protective of. Doing so between a riot-inducing guitar line and body-moving rhythm section, the song really makes its message accessible. On the biting “POSEUR (X-RAY SPEX)” the band slows things down to a brutal grind for their intro before switching gears to race through the song’s second half. The track doesn’t let its breakneck switch throw them off their game with licks and drum fills feeling even more satisfying than before.

Closer “AGENT OF TENSION” brings the shouting to a full wail with the burning passion behind the recording. The abrasive sound behind the track fits the insightful lyrics about people who take dangerously more than they should and damage others as a result.

ii brings its abbreviated punk package without ever sacrificing its catchy sound and consistent ability to make you either dance or want to pound your fist along the music. Thanks to some amazing playing and the stirring delivery from singer Sof, the music is incredibly fun even though it’s not bringing anything that new to the table.