DR Gaming Technology Plans for 2018 at Global Gaming Expo

The CEO of DR Gaming Technology, Jurgen De Munck reveals his company’s plans for 2018 at Global Gaming Expo. Their attendance at G2E Las Vegas is driven by the fact that being a global supplier and in combination with G2E Asia (Macau) and ICE Totally Gaming London, DR Gaming Technology is able to spread influence around the world. DR Gaming Technology can spread their exposure by attending the Irish Gaming Show, which happened in March, at the end of May, the DR Gaming Technology attended Juegos Miami and the Peru Gaming Show in Lima in June.

The DR Gaming Technology have enjoyed a significant progress in the last 5 years in Europe and Africa, and more in Latin American and the Caribbean. Because of the expansion towards Lima, DR Gaming Technology was able to open three more offices in Mexico, Paraguay and Uruguay. G2E Las Vegas provides the best location and event showcase for casino related products and the ability to entertain new and existing customers from the America.

A Swift Expansion

DR Gaming Technology has a pretty swift expansion in one year, considering that the Lima office was operating alone in the region for over 4 years. The CEO believes that it was possible because of their commitment and confidence of the market in Peru. He also mentioned that while the expansion is exciting they are constantly aware of the fact that they need to carefully manage the expansion process in order to ensure that they can provides services to all of their customers and operators.

For DR Gaming Technology, the solution service system is for the end-user and for the operators, is always the player. The result is that the company has to always be there to complete the “loop” and to provide the operators not only installation assistance but also any support they need, in order to give the best possible player experience. The support is more than fast, simple and smooth installations, the support is also an always available team of customer support staff and product specialists. Jurgen De Munck said that they will never compromise their level of services just for the sake of the expansion, their reputation is far more important to them and it is stopping them to let that happen.

DR Gaming Technology portfolio at G2E

Jurgen De Munck said that despite the fact that their customers are gaming operators, the end-users, the actual player is ultimately the one that matters the most to both of them. Their development mantra is finding design solutions for operators that put the player on the first line. The CEO proudly said that they will always showcase customer-focused solutions that will not only make the player’s life easier, but also give to gaming operators the ability to bring best services for the player.

DR Gaming Technology has launched drSelfRegistration that provides a quick and simple way to register players, in order to provide them an user-friendly services at the push of one button. The app loads straight onto any android smartphone and allows the operators to engage with the player anywhere, from the gaming floor to anywhere else outside of the casino. The app works with the exact service offerings from a land-based casino. Operators are able to provide all the casino necessities to the customer even during gaming sessions of their favorite free slots online or table games.

The company came with another sister app, called drMediaManager, that is able to provide a quicker and easier way for the operators to communicate with their players. The sister app is used to send advertising materials, like overhead TV displays and EGMs (Extraordinary General Meetings) with on-screen functionality. It’s a simple user-friendly interface app, the player can choose to send a communication to where and who, can schedule an event, and can attach relevant pieces of communication like upcoming concerts, drinks specials, the app is so easy that after all the sharing, that all the player has to do is to hit enter.

During all the exhibition shows, the company had noticed that there is an increasing awareness from operators of how important technology is becoming when comes to understand the players. It is easy to add new stuff for the players, but it is hard to get the players join and remain into the respective programme and by using the capture data in the best way possible is another real challenge.

The drSelfRegistration for example, can provide a quick and simple way to register players and provide them with all the accessible programmes. The information provided from the app will be sent to operators. The information is then used by the operators in order to track, classify and cluster players in different ways. After that the operators compensate the player by either sending a happy birthday message or other news from the casino.

The Growth of the Company

The DR Gaming Technology was founded in 2003 by Michiel van Dam and Jurgen De Munck. Their vision was simple, the company has to develop and deliver the best gaming technology that is able to put the player first. And this is the idea they remained ever since.

Despite their growth with over 50.000 gaming devices across more than 50 countries, the focus of the company has never waivered. Their team of developers from Malta, Belgium, Austria and South Africa has managed to daily ensure that the company will deliver state-of-art gaming management system, tools that are robust and easy-to-use, meanwhile the latest technology is used in order to ensure simple system installations and implementation. It may be mouthful, but it is the backbone of their growth.

The CEO believes that the company is well placed even for the future and they will remain the world’s fastest growing independent systems supplier.