Dr. Shadi Shadid – The Dentist Who Gives You a Reason to Smile

Humour, warmth, understanding and excellent care. These are the things you can expect when you walk through the door at Dentistry at the Crossing.

Ditching the guilty lectures on plaque build up or swollen gums, Dr. Shadi Shadid, the charismatic owner of Dentistry at the Crossing, instead focuses on the person sitting in his chair. He helps nervous patients relax before any kind of procedure or dental work.

“Having had the same dental assistant for the past 9 years, we pretty much have a comical dialogue in place to help ease the most anxious of patients. I will also personally serenade people at times, sing and tell jokes and often times just tell my story to people coming in. I want to make them as relaxed as possible to keep their mind off of things.”

The focus at Dentistry at the Crossing is on general and family dentistry but the clinic also offers a wide range of treatments including wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, and cosmetic procedures. “Everything is pretty much done in house. That way there’s only one person to yell at — me,” joked Dr. Shadid.

Dr. Shadid explained that this attribute is one of the reasons for the success of his popular practice. However, communication with his patients is also key. Dental findings are easily explained in detail with use of digital xrays and a large television screen. “Everything has to be explained in a way that the person intended to receive the information will understand fully.

While his easy demeanor and friendly nature go a long way to calming a patient’s nerves, to further add to his professional arsenal, the exam rooms have an overhead TV fixed to the ceiling and the dental chairs have a built-in massage feature. “I think it takes away from the apprehension of the appointment by giving you something else to think about,” according to Shadid.

Dentistry at the Crossing welcomes all patients into the practice regardless of the type of coverage that they may have. Electronic direct submission of claims to the insurance companies on the patient’s behalf makes a hassle- free visit.

“Everyone is treated the same regardless of who they may be. To all, we offer a truly unique dental experience with a relaxed feel that has high quality treatment as the end result. How could you go wrong?”

Dr. Shadid opened his own clinic three years ago because he wanted to create an intimate environment where he would know all of his patients personally and vice versa. “We’re all friends,” he states.

While in high school and university, Shadid competed in karate and kickboxing, representing Canada three times at the World Championships before ultimately winning 2 gold medals for Canada at the World Championships held in Vienna, Austria in 2001. No longer a fighter, “the hands are just too valuable at this point,” he is helping others in their battles to have great teeth.

Much like his experience in karate, Dr. Shadid strives for excellence in every facet of his life. “I try to be a bit better every day with a goal to be the best person I can be hoping to share my progress with others.”

As for his patients? He wants everyone to leave happy with a healthy mouth, having enjoyed the ride to get it. No doubt they do.