• By: OLM Staff

Drab to Fab–Six Easy Steps

1. Select a Monochromatic Colour Scheme 

Select a light, monochromatic colour scheme of cool hues. It will make the space appear more expansive while incorporating an element of serenity. Painting everything a unifying colour will make the space visually expand. This reduces the number of transitions, creating a more expansive feel to the room.

2. Feature a Focal Point

Stay away from contrasting colour schemes within the small space and limit your variation to an object within the space, such as a low cabinet.  This will ensure that the contrasting object is incorporated as a focal point and everything else will diminish and blend together as a back drop.

3. Take the Tilbathroom-27e in the Shower up to the Ceiling

Rather than having your tile stop 12” below the ceiling, continue the tile right up to the top. By reducing the number of transitions within the space, you create an illusion of enhanced space.

4. Eliminate Visual Barriers 

Textured glass or a shower curtain can make a space feel like it has an extra wall. Although these items may allow light in and have some privacy,  they act as a visual barrier within the room. Eliminate this barrier with a beautiful glass door, such as the Maxx Halo featured here from Mondeau Kitchen and Bath.

5. Incorporate Texture

When you are working in small spaces, it can be very tempting to incorporate bold paint colours or wall paper as a way to enhance the space. Instead, add some dimension to the space with texture such as natural stone. By keeping the stone the same colour as the wall you can add big style to a small space.

bathroom -116. Accesorize

Since mirrors have mastered the illusion of added space, select chrome as the accent metal of choice. In the above photos the faucet and bathroom fixtures are from the Pfister Kamato collection and their simplistic clean lines add an element of zen.

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