Dragoboat Festival Day 2

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Photos by Kamara Morozuk

Despite the forecasted rain, Ottawa's second day of the annual Tim Hortons Dragonboat festival pleased crowds with their first taste at a race and music from talented Canadian musicians Kalle Mattson, The Zola's and Dear Rouge. 

Kalle Mattson, winner of the 2016 Prism prize, greeted the crowd by saying " Hello Coachella!". As he began to play, more by standers came closer to experience his raw vocals and emotionally drawn lyrics.

The Breast Cancer Survivor Ceremonial Race was the first race to start this year's festival. Teams filled with survivors from all around the country attended to compete and raise awareness. 

Busting Out, Ottawa's only breast cancer survivor team, paddled their way down the water showcasing strength, team work and unity. After the races, the traditional flower ceremony began with an opening song, followed by team members and on-lookers throwing pink carnations into Mooneys Bay. 

Vancouver based band, The Zola's, brought everybody to their feet with their Indie Pop hits. Lead singer Zachary Gray jumped around the stage, encouraging his fans to clap along to the beat. As the sun came down, their energetic set came to a close, but not without coming back on for a much loved encore.

Juno award winning band Dear Rouge was welcomed to the stage by shouting fans, some who waited all day to secure their front row spot. All hands were in the air due to the high-powered dance moves provided by singer Danielle McTaggart, partnered with her husband Drew's vibrant guitar riffs. The rain held up throughout the synths bands full set as they closed day 2 of the Tim Hortons Dragonboat festival.