• By: Katie Hartai

Dreaming of a Green Holiday

Ecology Ottawa is bringing together the city’s active environmental community this Thursday at the ninth annual Winter Holiday Eco Gala in celebration of the past year’s green movement and the bounty of the holiday season.

Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page, photo by Ecology Ottawa.

Held at St. Elias Banquet Centre, the event is an exciting night of local brews, a silent auction and four-course dinner catered by The Green Door Restaurant. The meal will feature locally grown, organic and vegan delicacies.

Although subject to change, current menu options include yellow split pea soup, Jerusalem artichoke salad (organic from Ferme aux Pleines Saveurs, Quebec) chick pea curry, cabbage rolls (organic savoy cabbage from Jack Lytle, near Arnprior) and organic apple sauce made with Québec apples topped with cashew crème.

The 2015 Eco Gala will include former Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page as the guest speaker. He’ll share his perspective on opening up federal and provincial funding to cities.

“We very much believe that fighting climate change has to happen on the city level because that is where people live, where the solution is created and where we can have the most impact,” explains Auja Auzina, the Community Network Organizer at Ecology Ottawa. “Right now our cities don’t have the funding.”

Music will be provided by John Carroll, an Ottawa singer-songwriter who has had a successful 25-year career. Carroll has three albums to his name and he’s made a name for himself as an activist. This past May he protested Trans Canada’s sponsorship of Kemptville’s Dandelion Festival.

“He is someone who has stood up against the Energy East pipeline,” says Auzina. “As such we are very happy that we can honour him and have his gift of music that evening.”

John Carroll, an Ottawa singer-songwriter. Photo by Ecology Ottawa.

The Gala lets environmentalists and concerned citizens network while supporting ’s outreach and community building projects.

“Ecology Ottawa is a non-governmental organization. Although we receive support from donors and sometimes grant funding, it is not enough to sustain us given all the work that is needed in the city,” explains Auzina. “This kind of fundraiser helps move us along and allows us to stay above water.”

“Citizens have a real impact in mitigating climate change and can make sure that when we do our planning for the future we are looking from an environmental lens.”
The Eco Gala sells out annually. This year Ecology Ottawa plans for more than 550 guests attend. Purchase your tickets now on the organization’s website before they are gone!