• By: OLM Staff

Earth’s Own Naked Oat plant-based milk alternative

Plant-Based isn’t just a diet or a trendy hashtag. It’s a bold choice to stand up for our environment and our health. Can plants really change the world? Heck yes they can! Which is why Earth's Own is passionate about shouting-out the brave plant-pioneers who are leading the plant-based charge and making a difference. Because it’s not just about the food we eat, it’s about supporting one another in creating sustainable change for the planet. 

Why should you care about plant-based milk? . . . Because it's delicious and because Earth’s Own Naked Oat creates 3x less greenhouse gass emissions than dairy. It's simple, plants don't produce methane like cows do and all the methane isn't good for the planet. On top to that, plants use less land and less water than a dairy cow.

We taste-tested Earth's Own Naked Oat and loved it poured over cereal, added to smoothies or frothed up to for a morning capucino, Earth's Own Naked Oat makes giving up dairy easy peasy. When you're all done, the plant-based carton is totally renewable and recyclabe.

Earth’s Own Naked Oat

Everything you love, none of the ingredients you don’t. Earth’s Own Naked Oat is made with just four simple ingredients: filtered water, gluten- free organic oats, sea salt and amylase (a natural enzyme). Plus, Naked Oat is certified organic, which means only clean and pesticide-free ingredients for a healthier earth. Suggested retail price: $6.49

Earth’s Own Oat Cafe Edition

An oat-licious creamer that is just like dairy! This plant-based creamer uses the natural plant-based goodness of oats to create a creamy-yet-neutral taste specifically formulated for coffee drinkers. Simply pour into your cup-a-joe and let the creamer do the rest. Suggested retail price: $3.99

Earth’s Own Oat Culinary Edition

For the home cook looking to add a creamy texture and richness to soups, sauces or baking, the Earth’s Own Oat Culinary Edition has all the flexibility of dairy, none of the strong flavours of coconut plus, a plant-friendly environmental footprint. Suggested retail price: $4.99