• By: Kat Walcott

Electro-pop artist Chersea is about to “Swan Dive” into Ottawa for intimate show

Photo credit: Jeffrey Bosdet

Vancouver’s Chersea has been bridging the gap between electro-pop and soul for quite a few years now and she shows no signs of stopping. With her deeply personal single “Swan Dive” about to drop, and in the midst of a nation-wide tour, Chersea is excitedly spreading her unique and contemporary sound to the masses while staying true to herself.

Chersea was kind enough to share with us thoughts about her sound, live performances and the meaning of her new single ahead of her show at Rainbow Bistro on August 24th.

Ottawa Life: How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard your music before?

Chersea: I like to think of my sound as alternative emotional pop. I thoroughly enjoy bringing elements of many different genres together through analog and digital gear – it provides for a really unique performance experience and allows for instrumentation to shine through. If you’re a fan of Imogen Heap, Sia, or Robyn, there’s a big chance we might be able to make you dance.

Speaking of your sound, can you tell us about your new single “Swan Dive?”

“Swan Dive” was culminated as a way of dealing with grief and suicidal ideation. I have a really great life and I get to do what I love. But sometimes that’s not enough and the void calls out your name and sucks you in. Over the past couple years I’ve learned to cope with this grief, although there have been many times I’ve wanted to call it quits. It doesn’t disappear, and the hurt sneaks in and out of your life. But I’ve found that being sober makes it so much easier. So in the end, the song intends for you to digest and share your feelings. Because whether you like it or not, we all share hardship. It comes in different forms but ultimately it’s a human experience that shouldn’t be ignored just because it’s tough. So “Swan Dive” says the things you may be thinking or feeling, but may be too scared to say. I hope that when you listen to the song, you feel like the song is responding to you and your struggles so you don’t feel so alone – and maybe that will give you a little bit of hope like it did for me.

You’re on a nation-wide tour right now! What can fans expect from your live show?

The live show is kind of like an acid trip. Without sounding pretentious, it’s like  an emotional journey through the light and the dark– but it's also incredibly groovy. Additionally, we have so many interesting things on stage including trumpets and fun vocal processors that challenge the conventional norms of “pop music.” If you’re looking to hear some crazy, alternative manic-pop, this will be the show for you.

Don’t miss Chersea live at Rainbow Bistro on Saturday, Aug. 24th! For the full tour schedule and to buy tickets, visit Chersea’s official website. Pre-save her new single “Swan Dive” here.