• By: OLM Staff

Elevate Your Backyard Barbecue with Timeless Flavours from duBreton

Barbecue season is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about how you can celebrate the long-awaited, warmer weather that signals the start of summer! There’s more to grilling than burgers and hot dogs and Canada’s leading all-pork specialist is here to remind us of that!

As North America's #1 producer of organic and Certified Humane Raised and Handled® pork, DuBreton offers a complete range of the highest quality pork products including its world-famous bacon, ground pork, ham, tenderloin, boneless loin filets, ribs, roasts, chops and more.

Their philosophy is simple: Allow pigs to be pigs! This means that all pigs are raised without the use of antibiotics in crate-free environments. They have free access to shelter and hay or straw bedded resting areas as well as the space and ability to engage in natural behaviours.

DuBreton recently partnered with famed grilling duo, Maddie and Kiki, to give you pro grilling tips and easy-to-make recipes (nothing says summer BBQ like peach smoked ribs and charcoal grilled cherry burgers) that will ensure your next backyard barbecue is unforgettable.

“Pork is a long-standing barbecue staple,” says Maddie and Kiki, Canadian female Grill Masters. “Its incredible versatility and various cuts allow the meat to couple extremely well with diverse pairings and seasonings. We’re always looking for new ways to elevate our signature recipes, and duBreton’s premium pork products enhance even the most timeless flavours.”

To ensure the above recipes deliver maximum flavour and results, Maddie & Kiki offer their pro BBQ tips:

1. Brush the BBQ sauce on the ribs one hour before removing from the smoker. This will allow the sauce to reduce and continue developing on the meat with each application.

2. Always allow your grill to preheat. Hot grill grates allow meat to be flipped easily without sticking. Avoid oiling your grill grates to prevent a grill fire.

3. Turn off 1-2 burners on your grill to cook with indirect heat. This will allow your recipes to bake without harsh heat underneath that would otherwise cause food to burn.

You can find duBreton products at your nearest Whole Foods, Longo’s, Metro, Farm Boy, Organic Garage, T&T Supermarkets, The Big Carrot, Nature’s Emporium, Sobeys, Vince’s Market and other purveyors of fine foods.

To learn more about how duBreton’s mission and their products, visit dubreton.com.