• By: OLM Staff

ELLE G releases new single, Darkhorse

Photo credit: Sean Sisk

Dubbed as overly ambitious, ELLE G’s debut launch is ambitious yes, but even more so, it’s achievable. No matter what your career is, if you work harder than everyone else around you, you inevitably will get further ahead. As long as you have the talent, the drive, and a good business sense, you give yourself a fighting chance when you mix that with a relentless, calculated plan and tenacious hard work.

 When ELLE G first came into the Artist Alliance office to discuss her career path and how to get her to the next level, I could see right away that she had that fire burning in her. To be honest, if you want to make it in the industry, although there are no guarantees, one of the best things you can do is learn from people who have been to the next level, who have been taught by people at the next level. ELLE G knew that from day one.  I myself have always been a bright lights, big city kind of guy. I wanted to be a rockstar in cities like Los Angeles or New York. When I finally got to be a part of the Los Angeles scene for awhile it just felt right. ELLE G has that same desire, to be big, to be the best. Shooting for the stars takes guts and she has a lot to go around.

I sat down with her this past week and discussed a few things going on in her world at this moment in time:

Ottawa Life: So you've signed your first record deal! Congrats, how does it feel? Why a record deal? Why now?

ELLE G: This has been something I've been working towards my whole life! I'm ready to take the bull by the horns and ride! New sound…new brand, new me!

Tell us the story around Darkhorse and how it came to be, you've done a great job of keeping it under wraps, why the secrecy?

Darkhorse is about a relationship between partners and how there'll be good times and bad times… More bad than good but they always know, in the end, they'll be alright. It’s about a conversation between two people. One is questioning the relationship while the other is saying, “No way, we are good, we are strong and we will beat the odds”…

In regards to the secrecy, being mysterious keeps people wanting more! Letting people hear the song before you release it properly, is like coming down on Christmas morning and everything under the tree isn’t wrapped. It’s just sitting there out in the open with no mystery, no surprise. No one hears a note of the song until Aug 30th at 10pm, it goes live to all streaming and purchasing platforms at that exact minute that we are getting ready to hit the stage for the single release.

You're release party is Friday August 30/2019. Tell us about it! Not that you need to as your face is plastered all over the city!

It was so cool seeing my face on every post down central Ottawa! Thank you to Postering Ottawa! The show has turned into an epic Purple Glow Party to celebrate not only my single release "Darkhorse" but the launch of "Young Wild and Free" Record Label! I have 2 openers Mike Trudgen, a percussive guitarist who was just featured in Canadian Musicians Magazine!! The second is a local hidden gem Seb Ciel, who's largest influence was Freddy Mercury… and wow! Can you ever hear the resemblance!

Again, from what we have put together with Artist Alliance and Young, Wild & Free Records is an experience. My potential fans spend their hard earned money on a ticket and they expect to see a rockstar putting an event, something on the next level. One of the great things about this whole ride I’m on, is that I’ve realized that through all of this, the hard work, the non stop business side to being a successful artist and the building of this plan, I have been able to keep my artistry and my vision in tact. How cool is that!

Whats next for ELLE G after the release of Darkhorse? Back to the studio? Any follow ups in the can yet?

We are planning on releasing new music very soon, the label has a release strategy in place and are in the midst of booking a small tour to promote "Darkhorse". First stop my home town… London, Ontario! From there we are looking at a showcase in Toronto along with a couple others. The follow up single to Darkhorse will be out sometime around Christmas time or January so we will be back in the Artist Alliance Studio in early October to record the next one!

There has been a lot of buzz around town about this show, which is half the battle. We hope to see you at the Lonestar Loft in Ottawa on August 30/2019.