Enjoy an Afghan meal and raise money for Afghanistan

Photo: DVIDSHUB via Wikimedia Commons

With the conflict in Ukraine continuously escalating and millions of Ukrainians forced to flee to the relative sanctity of Western Europe, the world has forgotten another significant humanitarian crisis that the UN is calling the worst in the world.

Since the fall of the Western-backed regime to the Taliban in September of 2021, the world has slowly turned its back on Afghanistan. With the strict new Islamic government in Kabul unable and uninterested in rectifying the situation, the country is in a dire straight. The humanitarian crisis was made worse by dire economic conditions caused by NATO's withdrawal. During the 20 years of conflict, there was never any solid attempt to replace the western-aid-based economy with a self-sufficient Afghan economy. With American sanctions, the collapse of the education system—one of the state's largest employers—and other factors resulting from 40 years of continuous war, the Afghan people desperately need help more than ever before.

Twenty million Afghans are on the brink of famine. According to the New Yorker Magazine, doctors have also not been paid since the seizing of Kabul, and less than 20 per cent of the country's healthcare infrastructure is in working order. With this dire situation, any aid that can be raised is desperately needed.

On Thursday, March 24th, The Afghan Canadian Support Network is hosting a charity dinner to raise money for Afghanistan. Tickets are $50, and the funds raised go directly to helping; a raffle, fashion show, traditional Pashtu Attan Dance, and informative speakers talking about the situation in the country. The dinner is being held in co-operation with Mezbaan Restaurant and the Ottawa Islamic Association. It will be located at the Hall of Peace at 241 Northwestern Avenue. Doors open at 6 pm.

The eyes of the world are now on Ukraine but let us not forget Afghanistan.

WHAT: Fundraising dinner in support of Afghanistan
WHEN: March 24, 2022, 6 pm
WHERE: 241 Northwestern Avenue
FOR INFORMATION: Call 613-853-8203