• By: Chloë Hayes

Enriched Bread Artists Announces 31st Annual Open Studio and Exhibition

It’s one thing to see finished artwork in a gallery, but watching an artist’s creation unfold in real-time is another level of intrigue. For two weekends every year, Enriched Bread Artists cooperative members pull back the curtain, opening their creative workspaces to the public.

Unlike the sound of its title, EBA is not a fancy bread bakery but a non-profit collective of artists with a mission to foster a strong art culture in Ottawa. Their 31st annual open studio begins with an exhibition of new works on Thursday, Oct. 19. Visitors will have the chance to marvel at the exhibit and the talent, paint splatters, and oddities behind it in the studios where the magic happens.

To kick off the event, an opening night on Oct. 19 from 6–9 p.m. will welcome guests with a cash bar, snacks, and beats by DJ Michael Caffery at 951 Gladstone Street. The open studio viewings will continue over Oct. 21, 22, 28, and 29 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For this year’s special event, a symposium held on Oct. 28 will dive into health and the visual arts in Ottawa. The first session, from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m., will feature an artist talk discussing art, mental health, and trauma histories with Stéphane Alexis, Michael Ashley, Pierre Richardson, and Cindy Stelmackowich.

The second session, from 2:45–3:30 p.m., will discuss health, art, and community with Jenny McMaster of Radical Connections, Emma Campbell and Lydia Blanchard of the Ottawa Art Gallery about the Trias Art Project, and Svetlana Swinimer, a Trias Art Prize recipient.

With 20 participating artists, the open studio event provides a thrilling opportunity to meet artists and learn more about the reality of being a professional artist, a role replete with misunderstandings. EBA artist Karina Kraenzle explains: “I think there exists a myth that artists are not logical beings, that somehow creativity precludes logic, which is silly. Artists, by definition, have to be pretty resourceful.”

The EBA cooperative is undoubtedly a resourceful and hardworking group. This year, their accomplishments have been a cause for celebration. Karina Kraenzle is the recipient of the 2023 Project X Photography Award, and as part of the award, she will be exhibiting at the OAG this October. Christos Pantieras, whose work includes sculpture, installation, performance, and community-based projects, was a finalist for the 2023 Ottawa Arts Council Peter Honeywell Mid-Career Artist Award.

Join the Enriched Bread Artists for their 31st annual open studio and exhibition for a charming opening night celebration, access to private studios and two floors of a fantastic art exhibition. “It is this gift of sharing with the community that excites us,” said Joyce Westrop of the EBA sponsorship committee, “The curiosity of process and materials, the wonderment of finished works and the conversations all teach and inspire both artists and visitors alike.”

For more information on the Enriched Bread Artists cooperative, visit www.enrichedbreadartists.com