• By: OLM Staff

Epic Blend: Protecting Your Lips The Natural Way

Who knows chapped lips better than Canadians? Epic Blend, a West Kelowna, BC company has been in the business since 2007.

Epic Blend offers an all natural solution and for chapped lips.  These premium lip palms are petroleum free and made from organic sunflower seed oil, hemp seed oil, and other all natural ingredients.

These natural ingredients make Epic Blend noticeably different from conventional lip balms, leaving a long lasting and pleasant flavour on your lips. With flavours such as wild berry, green apple, coconut and pineapple mint to choose from, Epic Blend promises to give your lips some gluten-free, non-GMO lovin’.

The formula, which is “nothing secret, nothing artificial, nothing you can’t pronounce,” glides onto your lips smoothly, without all that greasiness that other lip balms have. If you’re curious enough to read the label, the spunky descriptions often talk back to you.

For more information, go to: http://www.epicblend.com/

Written by Michael Myers and Alexa Batitis.