• By: Keith Whittier

Escaping The City With Sandi Skye

Photo Credit: Sean Sisk

November 4th, 2014 hailed the release of ‘Country Groove’- a soul-inducing album, featuring Ottawa’s up and coming Sandi Skye. Unparalleled talent, fused with her unique presence, undoubtedly bumps ‘Country-Rock’ into fresh domains.

Native to Ottawa, Sandi Skye has been knocking the socks off her fans since age 11. And with recent productions and a new resolve, she appears to be stepping up the field of entertainment too undiscovered plains. Inducing hundreds of followers in the Nation’s Capital.

The 2013 release of her first single “Heart of Stone”, lured the attention of what Sandi Skye may have once considered only fantasy forces. Distinguishing a turning point in her career, 2014, landmarks the transition of her existing dreams into a newfound reality. A Proposition for the recording of “ Country Groove” in Nashville, Tennessee, has manifested into the release of her latest video debut.

Uncovered merely days ago, “Country Groove” has gained several thousand hits. An online biography suggests that Sandi Skye is currently ‘on a mission to bring a unique and rocking country sound’ to listeners through her music.

Recently featured by Rogers Television and Ottawa Life Magazine, her mentor Levi Hart affirms, “she has everything it takes, but more importantly- she has the drive to get the job done.”

Projecting an expansion of horizons, Sandi Skye plans to promote and explore new creative avenues through a 2015 inter-provincial, National Performance Tour.

Heighten your senses, broaden your skyline, and dance on the tailgate with Ottawa’s ‘Country Groove ‘n’, Sandi Skye. Click here and join the Country by lending an ear.