• By: Keith Whittier

European Union Film Festival: One Mile Away

The European Union Film Festival will snitch the dirty, yet exhilarating details behind the often concealed truths of gang wars with the film ‘One Mile Away.’ Unveiling social progress is possible when two rival groups adjoin with a purpose.

Street gangs generally operate on the pretense of restricted solidarity, power claims, disturbance and crime. Gang members do not sit with their components for a Thursday night social; unless, of course, Friday morning funerals are also on the agenda!

one mile away 2But imagine an opportunity to witness some of these raging and extremely rival cliques undergo transformation from violence and hate, into peace and reconciliation? You likely wouldn’t want to miss it!

Mark your calendars for the European Union Film Festival, taking place November 13-30 at 395 Wellington Street in Ottawa. Discover the chance to give evidence to the truth that anything is possible—even peace and harmony between gang rivalries!

For nearly 30 years, award-winning films from the Canadian Film Institute have illuminated themselves annually in the Nation’s Capital. Tickets range from $10-35. One Mile Away will be featured on Thursday, November 20, at 9:00 p.m. General admission is $12.

“ONE MILE AWAY is a powerful film about tolerance, forgiveness, and community,” –Canadian Film Institute.

This 90-minute, English showcase reveals the hardships, risks and attitudes taken towards ceasing a 20-year turf war between two prominent street gangs in Birmingham, London, UK.

Gangs, riots, shootings, drugs wars, weapons and fear, are what seem to have led Birmingham to achieve status as ‘the city with the highest murder rate in England’.

Director Penny Woolcock, winner of the Best British Film award, initiated the beginnings of peace between enemy gang members Shabba ‘Johnson Crew’ and Flash ‘Burger Bar Boys’ through a hush-hush meet. Woolcock set up the crews with mediators, advisors and a recognized social purpose. Her efforts were fruitful and have resulted in safer streets for UK residents.

To discover how the story unfolds, purchase your tickets by phoning 613-232-6727 or online here.