• By: OLM Staff

Eva Bee’s Jamboree: Local Cooking Show with Musical Twist Launches Website

Eva Bee’s Jamboree (www.evabee.com), an inventive new local cooking show that combines music and food, launched its new website on December 5.

Episodes of Eva Bee’s Jamboree air on the first Thursday of every month, and feature musicians cooking up a storm with the show’s host, Ivana Borojevic, an eccentric and colorful gal who has been on the foodie and music scene in town for years. Borojevic interviews guests on the show, finding out their influences and what inspires them to make music, while cracking jokes in a lighthearted sketch comedy style. When the dishes are ready to cook for an extended period of time, the musician(s) perform a song. What a delicious concept!

“Our goal is to feature up-and-coming musicians of all styles and entertain youth and others that cooking locally is easy and fun,” Borojevic explains. Her show will include acts like Devon Atherton, an Ottawa DJ and hip-hop musician, Tara Porter, a folksinger and yoga instructor, and Zoo Legacy, a local indie hip-hop group.

Filmed entirely in Ottawa at a variety of locations such as Rama Lotus, friends’ loaned-out kitchens and artisan producer workshops, episodes run about 12-15 minutes in length. Artists on the show base their cooking creations on their heritage or favorite foods, with Borojevic putting a local and seasonal spin on each dish.

In addition to placing a focus on cooking with local ingredients, Eva Bee Jamboree’s website will also have vignettes that look behind the scenes, including interviews with area farmers, producers of the show, and related comedy sketches, bonus recipes, as well as songs by musicians who have appeared on the show.

For more information, contact Luca Fiore, Valkaline Productions, 613.852.4407; luca@valkaline.com