Everything you need to know about the Elgin Street renewal project

Starting Monday, road closures to one of the busiest streets in Ottawa will take effect.

The road will be closed to traffic, transit and cyclists from Somerset Street to Catherine Street. One southbound lane will remain open along Elgin Street from Laurier Avenue to Somerset Street. The northbound lane will be closed from Somerset to Nepean Street. The exit lane from City Hall parking garage to Elgin Street will be open. Ottawa City Hall will offer free parking after 6 p.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends to make up for the lack of parking on Elgin.

While construction will be a challenge, the main concern for many is reducing the impact to local businesses. After some contemplation, many business owners in the area agree that the renewal project is necessary in order for Elgin to compete with other hot spot streets in the city.

Fortunately, businesses will remain open and sidewalks will still be accessible for pedestrians to visit their favourite bars, restaurants and shops along Elgin.

According to the City of Ottawa, most of the underground infrastructure has not been replaced for over 100 years. For example, some water mains date back as far 1874.

The 36-million dollar makeover includes wider sidewalks, shared use lanes, flexible space for on-street parking and patios, increased curb appeal including landscaping, public art and street furniture and road structure and pavement.

Approved in May 2017, the project will follow the Elgin Street functional design plan which was not created without public consultation. Information sessions will continue to be held for the public during and after construction.

The City of Ottawa anticipates the project will be complete by the Fall of 2020.