Evian and Spiderman Team Up for Latest Campaign

Water has been touted as the source of all life – it’s a well-known fact we can’t survive without it. Evian, known for its refreshingly pure bottled water and hilarious advertisements with dancing babies, uses several sources from Evian-les-Bains, on the south shores of Lake Geneva. Staying true to its slogan ‘Live Young’, the international brand has continued their Baby & Me campaign—and yes, it’s just as cute. This time, The Amazing Baby & Me 2ad focuses on the upcoming Amazing Spiderman 2 film. Of course Spiderman has amazing powers, given to him from an actual spider bite, but this ad shows him in a different light. It features Spiderman out and about casting his webs with his reflecting baby Spidey. All the swinging and saving lives is exhausting — not that we would even be familiar with that. But one can assume that busting those moves can be a bit strenuous.

In between saving the world, there is time for a dance-off in the ad where baby Spidey busts some sleek moonwalking, robot imitations, body rolls and waves and even an impressive backflip. This baby’s movement is contagious and sure to get your body rolling, in an major attempt to mirror Spiderman’s agility.

Quench your thirst with Evian, also known as liquid magic, and you may just maintain your youthful glow or be as agile as Spiderman!

Inspire yourself and watch the ad:

The Amazing Baby & Me 2 . Share this video as it’s bound to make anyone smile. Who knew water could be so magical?

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