• By: OLM Staff

Evive’s blender-free smoothies are helping Canadians to be healthy

ABOVE: Evive Nutrition’s nutrient-packed frozen cubes are available in-store or delivered to your door. (PHOTO: OdileJP)

Evive Nutrition, Canada’s fastest-growing smoothie company, has the top-selling brand across North America in frozen fruit and smoothie sales. Easy, convenient, healthy eating is more popular than ever before, and Evive Nutrition makes it easy for Canadians to be healthy. 

Vegan-friendly and packed full of nutrients, powerfoods, and plant-based protein, Evive’s blender-free smoothies launched in Quebec in 2016.

Dedicated to making nutritious, healthy smoothies accessible to everyone, the brand has sold more than 10 million of its innovative smoothies across North America. In a recent Nielsen report, the smoothie brand dominated six out of the top eight SKUs in frozen fruits, naming Evive as the leading contributor to the category’s growth.

ABOVE:  Evive’s line now includes five flavours of smoothie cubes and four meal cubes to choose from. (PHOTO: OdileJP)

In addition to being available in retail stores across Canada and the United States, Evive’s super popular products are now available through an online subscription program. That's double the convenience!

For more details on Evive’s products, subscription program, and recipes, please visit their website at evivenutrition.ca