Experience Boating with Freedom Boat Club

All photos courtesy of Freedom Boat Club

From canoeing to stand up paddle boarding and tubing, Canadians typically spend the majority of their summers on the water. Whether it’s on vacation or in their own backyards, boating is a popular way to relax under the sun.

There are numerous way to explore the waters and Freedom Boat Club gives North Americans the opportunity to voyage across lakes, rivers and oceans without owning a boat! With a new location opening in Ottawa this month, now’s your chance to explore the waters this summer!

With activities such as fishing, water skiing and tubing, boating is popular worldwide, with many boat clubs available. Each club comes with their own unique mission, values and set of guidelines. Freedom Boat Club, the oldest and largest boat club in North America, provides “an affordable option to boat ownership and to deliver a hassle-free recreational boating experience for its members.”

Founded in 1989 in Sarasota, Florida, Freedom Boat Club has over 175 locations across North America and more than 20,000 members. “Expansion into Canada occurred in 2016 and 3 locations in France opened in 2019,” explain Sterling Bown, Owner/Operator of Freedom Boat Club of Ottawa.

Freedom Boat Club is designed for those who want a large selection of boats on a regular basis for an affordable cost. The club operates with a single entry fee and monthly dues. Members of the club have unlimited access to the fleet but do not own them. Freedom Boat Club employs a proven member-to-boat ratio formula to ensure there are always plenty of boats in the fleet to service the demand of members. FBC rotates new boats into the system, assuring that the boats are updated and of high quality. Members of the club can boat at any FBC location. As well, the FBC provides a combination of on water and classroom training for each new member taught privately by Coast Guard licensed instructors. The well-trained instructors are equipped to assist both newcomers and seasoned boaters alike.

Freedom Boat Club Ottawa

“Since we are a Club, we hold regular social events for our members. Boaters can meet with others who share their love of the boating lifestyle,” says Bown. These frequent activities give opportunity to create long lasting friendships among boaters who share the same enthusiasm.

FBC caters to many people, including young families. “Freedom Boat Club knows that families with children are busy and want the simplicity of boating as a member of our Club. Our model allows families to simply reserve their boat, show up and the boat is ready," says Bown. Upon returning from a day of family fun on the water, the member and their family are quickly on their way home as FBC takes care of the boat. Our boats can accommodate up to 11 persons allowing families to share the boating lifestyle with their friends. Everyone is welcome on FBC’s boats – even the family dog!”

Freedom Boat Club is great for previous boat owners who enjoy boating but does not want the costs and hassle associated with boat ownership.

“Families who want to enjoy the boating lifestyle but do not want to purchase a new boat and be responsible for the maintenance, dockage, storage and insurance, are welcome at FBC,” says Bown.

This summer, check out Freedom Boat Club online or call 613-883-2696 for a lifetime of adventures on the water with those who share a similar passion for boating!