• By: Tatum Bergen

Experience Korea!

We all know and love the upbeat sounds of K-Pop, but have you tasted Korea K-sauce? Experienced Korean Modern Art? Seen the rising stars of K-Cinema? Or tried your hand at Korean Calligraphy?

From now until October 13th, you can! This year’s 2021 Korea Week is hosting 11 events for Canadians to discover Korea’s beautiful culture.

One of the festival’s highlights is the K-Food Sauce Contest, which has a cash prize of $1,000! The contest was inspired by the success of McDonald’s collaboration with K-Pop Band BTS. It encourages food creators to develop their own unique K-Food sauces using Korean fermented pastes and sauces. The contest is currently ongoing and prospective participants can enter and find more information here. The last day to enter is October 7th and the winners will be announced on October 11th.

The festival is presented by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and the Korean Cultural Centre Canada (KCC). It aims to showcase the many facets of Korea culture, many of which already have an enduring impact on Canadians across the country.

“[Our aim is to] further strengthen the Korea-Canada bilateral relationship,” says Sungeun Lee, director of Korean Cultural Centre Canada, “Korea and Canada share core values of democracy, diversity, peace, and human rights. Cultural activities, on top of these common values, foster mutual understanding between the two countries.”

Korea Week offers events both online and in-person. The Ottawa Korean Film Festival (OKFF), showcasing a lineup of films from cities across Korea. The KCC Gallery is hosting “Korean Modern Art: Daegu Scenery” until December 10th and the Korean calligraphy event, which takes place on October 8th at 7 pm. The K-Pop Cover Dance Festival at the Canadian Museum of History is sure to be a hit as well! To find other in-person and virtual events, visit the Korean Cultural Centre Canada’s website.

So, get out and experience 2021 Korea Week! Be a part of Canada’s continued relationship with Korea by celebrating Korean culture with food, dance, film, and more until October 13th.