Faces by Noah for Ottawa Life Magazine

The March/April issue of Ottawa Life Magazine features Noah’s creative makeup artistry alongside Amber Watkins designs. Born and raised in Dubai, Noah’s family moved to Canada twelve years ago. With a background in both art and music, he began to focus on fashion as a medium as it drew from every aspect of the arts. A self-taught makeup artist, he honed his skill working for various leading brands such as Dior, Stila, Aveda and NARS. I caught up with Noah to find out how he got his start, his must-have products and what we can expect to see from Noah in the years to come.

Alex:  Noah, what are some of the top makeup trends that we should incorporate into our daily routine to update our look for spring? 

Noah: It is as simple as switching your everyday neutral/nude lip colour for something slightly peachy. You can change your look completely by lining the inner rim of the eye with a vibrant pencil (Makeup Forever makes a whole range of coloured pencils). For evening, focus on groomed brows and amp up the lipstick to a bold orange, peach or melon. The less adventurous can substitute a vibrant gloss instead of a lipstick.

Alex:  What are some of your favorite products that you can’t live without? 

Noah: My top four products are:

1. Stila waterproof brow pen for groomed yet realistic looking brows.

2. Benefit bronzer in Hoola. It is matte enough that it can be used as a contour, but warm enough to use to give all-over colour.

3. Lise Watier colourless pencil – used under vibrant lipsticks, it softens the edge but keeps the colour in place.

4. NARS the multiple in Copacabana – tapped softly on the top of the cheek, the cupids bow and the bridge of nose, it gives a subtle sheen and glow that gives the skin radiance, and photographs beautifully.

Alex:  What was your inspiration behind the looks that you created for the Amber Watkins editorial? 

Noah: Amber’s collection is full of classic, almost pin-up cuts but updated via vibrant, pop colours and retro-chic embellishments. I updated the classic pin-up look and gave it a slightly pop-art, 80’s edge by skipping the matte red lips in favour of hot tomato, bright orange and neon melon.

Alex:  Can you give and step-by-step explanation as to how the Amber Watkins look was created? 

Noah: Start by polishing the skin by layering luminous foundation and concealer (where needed). Define the brows, and sweep pink-y nude eyeshadows across the eye and in the sockets. White pencil on the inner rim and black gel liner across the lashline create the perfect base for full, lush lashes. Sweep bronzer softly along the hairline and under the cheekbone, and buff a light pink blush across the cheekbone. Finish with your choice of bright lipstick for a look that’s retro, modern and youthful at the same time.

Alex:  How did you get into the makeup industry?

Noah: My background in Fashion Illustration mixed with my love for the performing arts led me to makeup. I’ve always drawn pictures of faces and have been surrounded by costumes and cosmetics. My love is for every aspect of putting together any form of visual media, be it music videos, films or editorials, but I chose to focus on the makeup aspect (for now).

Alex: What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

Noah: Challenges are what keeps creativity alive. Having a difference of opinion with a photographer, for example, can lead to a greater final product because you end up searching for creative solutions to the disagreement.

Alex:  Is there a particular designer, model or celebrity that you’ve always wanted to work with? 

Noah: There are so many people I’d love to work with, for so many different reasons, but Madonna is near the top of the list. While she would be a very tough, demanding client, I would get to do so many wildly different looks and draw from polarizing and controversial influences. A designer like Jean-Paul Gaultier for the same boundary-pushing and freedom to create.

Alex: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Noah: I have an intensive mental catalogue of references, designers, photographers etc. and have ideas of my own. I’d like to be able to put all of that together and creative direct and style both individual clients and full editorial shoots. Hopefully this will allow me to travel and experience the different fashion and beauty cultures around the world.

Noah is available for makeup and styling engagements of all kinds, and can be contacted at facesbynoah@gmail.com