Fall Favourites From Etsy

With the memories of summer slowly fading away, now is a perfect time embrace the fall spirit before the snowflakes make their debut!

Look no further than Etsy for all your fall essentials.

Etsy, the vibrant online marketplace for handmade and vintage items, is the perfect digital destination for everything you need to revamp your home and style for the season.

Etsy also allows you to shop local, giving you the opportunity to connect with and support your community.

Check out our top fall picks from these mega-talented Ottawa vendors:


WearnativeWhen it comes to fall fashion in Ottawa, the key is to strike a balance between practical and stylish. And by practical, I mean it must be able to stand up to seriously cold weather. The best way to pull off this balancing act? Accessorize! For fabulous fall accessories, check out Wearnative, a local shop specializing in handmade knit scarves, neckwarmers and hats. Using only high-quality wools and cottons, you’ll be investing in pieces that will last season after season. Combat chilly weather with chic accessories at an affordable price point, all while supporting your local community.

Serenity Stumps

IMG_2686If you’re in the market for rustic, fall-inspired home décor, you must check out the beautiful furniture and kitchen accessories from this local shop. With an emphasis on earth-friendly and chemical-free practices, they use wood from local farms to create tables, stools, benches and cutting boards. You’ll be getting a completely original item every time with unique grain patterns and rugged edges. Shop owner Chantal Hospodar likes to call it “eco-chic living”! Whether you are looking for a perfect gift for the holiday hostess or have a hankering to redecorate, Serenity Stumps is a local and sustainable option bringing the outdoors in!


Pure Heart EssentialsWith the chill in the air setting in, our skin is bound to suffer. Before succumbing to the discomfort associated with dry, irritated skin, fight back with nourishing and natural skincare products from the local shop PureHeartEssentials. Made with luxurious ingredients like avocado oil, jojoba oil, rose oil, Vitamin E and more, this is a one-stop shop for a skincare routine revamp. There is even a special shampoo for your furry friends! Who says pups don’t like a good pampering? Treat yourself to a smooth and glowing complexion this fall with locally made skincare products chock full of natural, good-for-you ingredients.


RaceytaySometimes, all a room needs is a new piece of art to completely change the vibe. To achieve that cozy and warm feeling we all enjoy on crisp, fall days, take a look at the amazing local shop Raceytay. Specializing in fine art photography in standard and customizable sizes, this shop offers spectacular landscape prints that will leave you in awe of mother earth’s natural beauty. For this time of year in particular, there is an array of shots that skilfully capture the autumn landscape from all over the world. Enjoy the changing leaves in Central Park, the chilly breeze in Paris or the beautiful Rideau Canal right here in Ottawa! Bring your bare walls to life with a print from a local photographer that clearly 'gets' how to capture gorgeous scenery in the lens.

Castellammare Designs

CastellamareThree words to describe Castellammare Designs? Dainty, timeless and chic. Founded by Ottawa’s Marianna Christina in 2012, she makes and designs a wide array of gorgeous earrings, necklaces and bracelets that work for every season and will last a lifetime. With many pieces inspired by celebrity favourites, you can get the expensive look at an affordable price. Trendy has its time and place, but this shop is all about the classics with a modern twist. Rose gold, anyone? Whether you are looking to treat yourself or already have your mind on holiday shopping, you are bound to find a piece that every woman in your life will adore from Castellammare Designs.

The assortment of local Etsy shops in the Ottawa area connect us with many of our incredible neighbours. How lucky are we to be among such talent?

Embrace the fall spirit with Etsy to support our local community!