Fall in Love with your Skin

Ready to fall in love with your skin?

Discover the two newest products from Skinn Cosmetics!

Skinn Cosmetics, founded by professional makeup artist Dimitri James, is a line of premium skincare and cosmetic products formulated using natural, concentrated ingredients. Skinn formulates and manufactures all of its own products, avoiding excess water, fillers and packaging. From concept to compact, from brainstorm to bottle, every product worthy of the Skinn name comes to life under one roof, and under James’ watchful eye.

Enter the holiday season with a flawless and radiant complexion! Skinn’s latest products help to nourish the skin and maintain that summertime glow. The Fusion Setting Veil and Moisture Rush Volumizing Wand seek to improve the overall appearance of the skin leaving it feeling healthy and refreshed!

FusionSettingVeil (1)Fusion Setting Veil

This isn’t your ordinary powder—the lightweight, talc-free Fusion Setting Veil is infused with anti-aging treatments and brightening properties. The yellow core is chock full of vitamin C, argan oil and antioxident properties, helping to promote a youthful glow while visibly decreasing lines and wrinkles. The result? Skin feels hydrated and balanced and looks luminous and smooth.

Moisture Rush Volumizing Wand

This revolutionary product is designed to help fill in and plump areas of the face and body that have sunken over time. The silky formula is MoistureRushVolumizingWandcreated with the technology of Hyaluronic Filling Spheres, which helps the skin recover its volume and fullness, delivering that sought-after, supple appearance. The formula is infused with brightening pigments that instantly illuminate and brighten the complexion. If you’re suffering with dull, dehydrated, hollow-looking skin, this product is a must-have for the holiday party rotation!

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