• By: Marie Waine

Fall Reading List

It is hard to beat a cool fall afternoon spent cozying up on the couch with a hot tea and a must-read. That is why OLM is bringing you its fall reading list. Choose from a variety of sci-fi to romance, or challenge yourself to read them all (more time on the couch!). Let us know your favourite fall reads!

Adventure, Resilience, and Renewal in the Arctic Wild
By Jennifer Kingsley, Greystone Books LTD
Take a ride on Back River with Jennifer Kingsley as she paddles for 54 days in the northern wilderness of the Arctic. Through raging winds, rapids and ice, Kingsley and five others test their physical endurance in an exploration unlike any before. Join the journey and visualize the Arctic landscape as you learn what beauty nature and wilderness have to offer.


In Times WantingIn Times Wanting
By Kevin Morris, General Store Publishing House
In search of a new beginning, Berrin and Eileen meet up in Ottawa after a decade of being apart. Having faced near execution and emotional breakdown, the two create a new story. Berrin is faced with challenges that force him to transcend trauma and ultimately, find hope. With Canada and Mexico as a backdrop, and a spark for discussion on international development, In Times Wanting sheds new light on youth and community engagement in today’s times.


The Future and Why We Should Avoid ItThe Future and Why We Should Avoid It:
Killer Robots, the Apocalypse and Other Topics of Mild Concern
By Scott Feschuk, Douglas & McIntyre Ltd.
Finally a book to help us navigate through the ever changing, technology ridden world. This part how-to manual, part product guide, part apocalypse analysis and part sardonic observation shares what the future may hold—and what we have to look forward to. Feschuk, a columnist for Maclean’s, infuses humour and mockery into his idea of what the fate of humanity holds. Buckle down and get ready for satirical look at our modern day world.


Love and Forgetting_webLove and Forgetting
A Husband and Wife’s Journey Through Dementia
By Ken Sobol and Julie Macfie Sobol, Second Story Press
This husband and wife duo take pen to paper to express themselves as they face one of the hardest challenges of getting older—the loss of control, health and self that comes from dementia. Ken was diagnosed with Lewy Body Disease in 2007 and this novel shares his stories as his condition slowly worsens. Julie opens her heart, sharing her own sadness and frustration of trying to help her husband. You will surely be touched by the openness of this love story and find condolence if anyone you know is touched by the disease.

TomesofTerrorTomes of Terror
Haunted Bookstores and Libraries
By Mark Leslie, Dundurn
Ready for a fright? Tomes of Terror takes you to the places where supernatural stories lurk—the local libraries, bookshops and art galleries of a city near you. With first-person accounts of ghostly encounters, Leslie aims to spook with the unexplainable presence lurking around what seems to be every corner.


blondeclubThe Blonde Club
By Garth Morris
Hasn’t the idea of making it big run across each of our minds at least once? Follow the journey of four young teenagers and their lives in an attempt to make it big-time in Hollywood. Between the rat packs, the brat packs and the blonde club, it will soon be revealed that Beverly Hills is tough place to figure out. Through love, family and finding what is truly important, The Blonde Club will teach the realism of life and how all that glitters in not always gold.


AfterlifeofStarsThe Afterlife of Stars
By Joseph Kertes, Penguin Group Canada
Sibling rivalry, family secrets and incalculable loss are not the only things you will run across when you take a read of The Afterlife of Stars. Transport yourself to 1956 with Robert and Attila Beck as they flee from Russia to Paris in search for a cultural identity often lost in the chaos and confusion of adolescence and war. Join the boys on their journey and feel the uncertainty and displacement running through their minds as they search for what they thought they had lost: home.


My OctoberMy October
By Claire Holden Rothman, Penguin Group Canada
Follow the private struggles of the Levesque family—husband, wife and son—as they learn today’s Montreal is plagued with the weight of its past. The story weaves real-life figures and facts into a tantalizing tale examining issues of history, language and cultural identity. Rothman explores the barriers to ethnic and linguistic diversity through the actions of the Levesque family.



WhipSmartWhip Smart
Lola Montez Conquers the Spaniards
By Kit Brennan, Astor + Blue Editions
Based on the real-life adventures of Lola Montez, Brennan takes you away to 1842 in London to meet the gorgeous young lady who is in trouble and needs an escape. She gets one in the form of a paid trip to Spain. But nothing in life is free and Lola soon finds herself fulfilling tasks for a theatre impresario and government agent. Love, heartbreak and disaster take Lola on a wild adventure of hot pursuit.


Canadians at WarCanadians at War Vol. 2
A Guide to the Battlefields and Memorials of World War ll
By Susan Evans Shaw, Goose Lane Editions
Feel the power of World War II as you take a tour through the battlefields and memorials where Canadians fought and died for their country. Seventy-five years after the announcement from King George VI that started it all, this guidebook will have you join the journey of the Canadian troops from Hong Kong to Dieppe, through Italy and Holland. With maps and photographs to help your experience come alive, Canadians at War Vol. 2 gives a glimpse into our history.


TSOW-en-3D-205x200 copyThe Secret of Weight
By Florence Delorme
With all of the conflicting advice out there, it comes as no surprise that weight loss can be a bit of a mystery! Luckily, The Secret of Weight by Florence Delorme lays out a simple and easy method for managing weight. Forget fad diets, this method relies on basic nutritional principles that anyone can incorporate into their lives. Delorme is revealing her secrets to the masses in this cheerful guide that has already transformed the physical and emotional well being of thousands of people.