Fashion Expert Liv Judd Soye Spills What’s In for Spring

For fashion, winter in Ottawa means bulky snow boots, parkas, and layers upon layers upon layers. But don’t let the April’s lingering slush and grey skies discourage you: spring and summer’s balmy weather is just around the corner, with a heap of new stylish fashions to brighten up your wardrobe. Ready to assist you in waking your closet out of winter hibernation is Sears, with their just-released Spring and Summer 2017 Catalogue.

Sears Canada has teamed up with fashion expert Liv Judd Soye to help roll out the brand’s stylish selects for the upcoming months. Liv is an established expert in the fashion world, boasting 10 years of experience. She has been listed as one as Hello! Canada’s 50 Best Dressed Canadians, while working for and contributing to publications such Flare, LouLou and Chatelaine. Soye has proved time and time again that she has a “sixth sense” for knowing what’s hot now and what will be hot in the future.

Liv has worked closely with Sears Canada to create fashion tips and complete looks that will have you ready for spring before the snow has even melted. She took a moment to speak Ottawa Life on what will have you looking your best without breaking the bank.

The “Picnic” look will be huge in the coming months: it’s chic, preppy and will be having you look like you’re ready for a day trip to the Hamptons.

Wide-leg pants (one of Liv’s favorite new trends), flared sleeves and nautical stripes are the cornerstones of the look, as are sportswear and athleisure.

“Neo Nomad” has found itself back in the closets of tastemakers.

Long skirts, casual linens and a vibrant colour palette are what make up this look. Polish the earthy feel of this trend with sharp sihoulettes and structured details, such as a block heel, tailored jacket or a boxy bag.

You’ll be ready for a day at the beach or an outdoor festival quicker than you can say “Coachella.”

“Le Jardin” steals its aesthetic from the French countryside, filled with delicate florals and soft fabrics.

Want to make the look your own? Experiment with delicate blush colours, and pair them up with lace accents and flowy romantic fabrics.

Alternatively, consider florals or girly details in muted or darker tones. And, of course, denim on denim is the perfect way to make this look full-out Canadian.

Though these looks are what are projected to be hits this spring, Liv stresses that fashion is a personal statement. It’s not about conforming to the latest trend: it’s about making the trend work for you.

“If you know that peach doesn’t work for you, then go with one of the other six colour strong colour trends that are big for spring,” Liv says.

Liv notes that those who she thinks to be the best-dressed Canadians are those who know what works for their body. Women like Rachel McAdams.

“You don’t look at her and think, ‘oh, I don’t think I could wear that.’ She wears what suits her good girl aesthetic. She’s the beautiful next-door girl.”

Whatever be the look you’re going for, Sears’ modern yet affordable fashions will have you looking great over the next few months. Check out what Sears has in store for Spring and Summer here