• By: OLM Staff

Fashion Inspires Home Decor

Inspiration is all around you – translate fashion to your home’s decor! I splurged on this Coach handbag while on vacation as I love the color story of beige gold, silver hardware and lilac purple.


I admit my decor inspired my fashion first.  The handbag just happens to share the same color palette as my bedroom – classic, restful and soothing in a fresher way than all beige.  I think the lilac makes the beige sing. How do you translate inspiration from fashion to home decor?  Let me step you through the process.  Try varying the shades of an accent color to create depth within a room.  In this case, the purple hue is the accent color of the handbag and so too is it in my bedroom.  Note that the ceiling color (paint – matte), sheets (cotton), drapes (silk) and bench (velvet) all vary in shades of purple and in texture.  The walls, mirror, and capiz shell light fixture have that same beige-gold glow as the leather of my handbag, and the silver metal accessories of the room (drapery rods, dresser knobs, lamp base, and clock) mimic the silver hardware on the handbag.