Fast and Easy Money Transfers to Ukraine from Canada — Trust Meest with Your Money

These days, sending money internationally is just part of everyday life. Gone are the days of standing in long bank lines for hours — now, it only takes a few minutes to transfer money to Ukraine from Canada. You don’t need a bunch of documents, either. With Meest Canada, you can quickly and safely give money help to family, friends, or business partners in another country.

Today, we’ve compiled everything you need to know to transfer money to Ukraine fast and securely. Check it out!


Choosing the Best Way to Send Money to Ukraine

A few years back, sending money through the postal service was the go-to method. You had to show your ID to send or receive money, and it took forever—super inconvenient, right? And there was a pile of paperwork involved on both ends. But now, thanks to Internet banking, you can zap money between countries in a flash without ever setting foot in a bank branch.

Meest Canada has all sorts of money transfer options. The commission depends on how much you’re sending:

• If you’re sending through Aval or PrivatBank branches, Meest has you covered. Tell the recipient to visit the bank the next day — your cash will be ready to roll. Need it ASAP? Go for Private 24.

• Want to deliver the cash straight to your buddy’s doorstep? Pick the currency, and it’s as good as done. Just know it’ll take a few days to get there.

Each option has its quirks, so choose based on what works best for you!


Sending Money to Ukraine: What to Remember

The process is straightforward and standard for many services, but there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind to avoid any hiccups for both the sender and the recipient. After all, it’d be a real bummer if you trekked to the Meest branch, started filling out forms, and realized you forgot your passport. So, do you even need a passport?

Alright, senders in Canada, here’s what you need to remember:

• You have two options: send money through the Meest Portal (if you are a card owner) or visit one of our branches (whichever works for you, whether it’s using a card or cash). Fill out a form with your details and phone number.

• Double-check the recipient’s information because even a tiny mistake in their name can delay the payment. The recipient’s details on the form must match their ID.

• Remember, there are limits! You must show a valid ID if you’re sending over $1,000.


Receiving Money: All You Should Know 

The easiest and cheapest way to transfer money to Ukraine for both the sender and the receiver is to use the Privat24 app. If you’ve got an account, log in, head to the money transfer section, pick Meest, and enter the transfer number. Boom — money’s in your account. But what if you don’t have an account and don’t plan on getting one?

• If you’re picking up money at a bank branch, bring an ID and know your Meest transfer code, the sender’s name, and the amount.

• No worries if you don’t use any of the mentioned banks. There is no need to stress about opening an account or becoming a bank customer. Take a quick card when you receive the transfer, or opt for cash directly — whatever works best for you.

• For home delivery by courier, expect a minimum wait of 3 days. Note that the courier will arrive on a business day.

• The amount of money transferred by couriers to the doorstep is limited. Our agents can give you more details, please call our head office.

You get to choose what’s more your style, whether it’s through the bank or straight to your doorstep. But whatever you pick, Meest Canada has ensured that money transfers to Ukraine from Canada are quick and cost-effective. In this age of booming technology, why not use these fantastic and speedy methods to support your loved ones abroad? With Meest Canada, there are no boundaries between countries.