Feast on Feore and Richard III at Cineplex

ABOVE: Colm Feore as Richard III at the 2022 Stratford Festival. (Photo: David Hou)

If you missed last year’s stunning performance of Shakespeare’s Richard III by Canada’s acting superstar Colm Feore at the Stratford Festival, this weekend you are in luck. The Stratford Festival is hitting the silver screen at Cineplex Odeon theatres across Canada, and it is going to be extraordinary. On Sunday, April 16th and Monday, April 17th, you can catch the premiere of the Festival’s film, Richard III, filmed this past summer at Stratford.

Feore is known to many Canadians for his work on shows like 24, House of Cards, The Borgias, or The Umbrella Academy (currently filming its last season). His filmography is long and varied, with over 170 movie and television credits. Your kids (or maybe you too as well!) will recognize his brilliant acting from superhero films (Spider Man, Thor), musicals (Chicago), and sci-fi thrillers such as The Chronicles of Riddick. For many, he is known as the good cop in Bon Cop, Bad Cop. For others yet, he was the star in the post-apocalyptic Western trilogy Six Reasons Why, Six Days to Die, Six Guns for Hire. The list is long.

However, to fans of live theatre, he is the extraordinary Shakespearean actor who has graced the stages at the Stratford Festival for over 17 seasons. He brings Shakespeare to life like no other. He says his copy of Richard III is held together with elastics, having been consulted so often. “The sinewy strength of Shakespeare’s writing needs to be highlighted for the audience, and I continuously search for new ways to do that.” His passion and dedication are infectious.

Richard III refresher

Shakespeare’s Richard III is the story of a manipulative, conniving Richard of Gloucester (1452-1485) who does everything to become King Richard III. He is cunning, deceitful, and utterly despicable. But Shakespeare brilliantly hauls the audience in from the start by having Richard speak directly to the audience, and you almost feel empathy for him. Almost.

The timing of the cinema debut of Richard III is complemented by the movie The Lost King. It is the charming account of the true story of how the bones of Richard III were discovered, starring Sally Hawkins. It is a fantastic film as well.

As for Richard III, Feore shines and will make a Shakespeare fan out of anyone. So while you may miss the coronation of King Charles in May, you can catch Feore, the king of Canadian stage, on April 16th and 17th.  (It will also be available later in the year on CBC, CBC Gem and Stratfest@home)

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