Finding time for family breakfast

Did you know that families who eat breakfast together consume more fruit, whole grains and fibre than those who don't? It's also a great alternative to family dinners, which can be difficult to coordinate on busy weeknights. But according to a recent Centrum survey, only a third (33 per cent) of Canadians sit down for breakfast as a family during the week. Most of us (65 per cent of Canadians) eat breakfast alone, on the way out the door, or not at all.

Eating well in the morning is one way to get on the fast track to an energy-filled day. Here are five tips to help find time for better family breakfasts:

Sunday is prep day. Meal prep is the key to saving time and eating healthy throughout the week. Prep and freeze fresh breakfast ingredients like fruit on Sunday night for smoother mornings.

Pack it up. To make healthy choices even easier when you're on the go, prepare ready-to-grab snack packs. A cup of Greek yogurt with dried fruit can be divided into reusable containers for every day of the week. Enjoy each snack pack with a multivitamin to help fill nutritional gaps.

Use a meal-planning app. These easy-to-use grocery shopping companions take the effort out of meal planning, automatically generating grocery lists on your phone that you can reference while shopping.

Keep it simple. Save the complicated recipes for dinnertime and keep breakfast simple. Overnight oats, smoothies, avocado toast and fruit bowls are healthy options that can be whipped up in no time.

Choose wisely. Leave nutritious, ready-to-eat foods out on the counter that family members can grab in a hurry. Aside from fresh fruits and veggies, a handful of nuts is an energy-packed alternative to a piece of toast or sugary granola bar.