Five of the Most Innovative Engagement Shoot Ideas

Getting engaged is a very important step in a couple’s relationship. Usually, the engagement period gives a couple time to plan their future together, iron out any major disagreements and discuss dreams and hopes.

It offers them a chance to get to know one another even more and marks an important new chapter in their life together. That’s why so many couples decide that they want to capture the moment of their engagement and hold onto the memories forever. If the standard engagement shoot ideas are a little too boring and just don’t appeal to you, then take a look at our innovative top five and let yourself get inspired.

Engagement 21. You’re both active and love hiking? Then your engagement shoot is the perfect opportunity to get creative with your common interest. Put on your hiking boots and climb to the top of your favourite mountain or visit your favourite spot in the woods to get some stunning pictures together.

2. If you both like science fiction and you absolutely love Star Wars, then there are tons of ways in which you can incorporate this interest in your photo shoot. Stage a lightsaber fight and have the special effects added in afterwards for an engagement shoot that is out of this world. There are specialist sites out there such as Photobox, which can provide more personalised touches to your photos.

3. The Zombies are coming! Invite some of your closest friends and family members along to your photo shoot and have them dress up as scary zombies while you and your other half run for your lives. This shoot can be done in the forest or in an urban setting and it’ll definitely be a unique memory to treasure.

4. Do you both love reading and spend countless hours comfortably sitting next to each other on the couch with a good book in your hands? Then why not ask your favourite library or bookshop if you can have your engagement shoot there? Surround yourself with countless stories and come up with your own as you embark on this new life together.

5. Revisit the place where you first met or where you had your first date. Sit near the window, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, share some of your favourite memories and let the photographer take a photo from the outside. Or head to the ice cream place where you shared your first ice cream together and take some creative snaps while enjoying your favourite flavours.

Think about what hobbies, interests and memories connect the two of you and try to incorporate them into your engagement shoot. That way you can add a wonderfully personal touch to your photos making them another great memory to treasure.