Five Underutilized Ways to Give Yourself an Advantage with Your College Essay

Writing an essay is never easy for any student. Therefore, it takes some practical work from the student to identifier better methods to write an effective paper. There are many things that students often underutilize when writing that could actually put your essay a notch higher than others. Some of these things are usually accustomed to custom essay writing service since they use them to enhance paper quality. An individualized approach to any task is the first thing they often insist on to provide authenticity.

It is always safe to ask for help from the custom essay writer service such as Okessay as the quality and content are often a priority. Some tips that students often underutilize when writing an essay are as discussed here below. Most of them add quality to the paper; thus guarantee of a better grade.

Treat Everything as Things to Be Tested and Questioned

It entails things that you already know to be obvious to be tested and questioned. Try as much as possible to pose challenges to everything and provide a convincing argument based on the topics. Your reader would then be persuaded by the information written in the paper. First, assume the person who reads is devoid of the thoughts. Also, be descriptive as much as possible. Explain things that are often considered evident while incorporating points and thoughts that may sound new based on the focus point.

Most students often think that something obvious to them is the same to everyone, which should not be the case. Based on this type of reasoning, the point is taken to be one of the most underutilized. Even if the point is obvious and known by all, explain it and provide authentication to the viewpoint.

Explain Any Point Interestingly

When writing, you should put in mind that not all your readers understand what you have written in the paper. Therefore, it is important for you to provide a vivid explanation of every point in your argument. With this, the reader would get explanation behind every fact to ascertain its authenticity. Do not assume every argument as something that people know. Instead, explain it and the way it relates to the question at hand.

Make your argument attractive to the audience. Avoid being boring when supporting your ideas in one way or another. Use concrete ideas and beliefs to offer persuasion to your points of view. Try as much as possible to let your reader be in a position to decipher your argument while finding something interesting to ponder.

Proofread to Eliminate Errors

There are several inaccuracies that may arise from an essay. It is only through proofreading that you will be in a position to discover faults that have been made in the paper. Spelling errors may arise due to typos or wrong spellings. Therefore, rereading would be a certain way to correct such mistakes. Every spelling mistake may decipher a wrong message to your reader, which may be absurd.

Grammar is an integral part and parcel of the essay. The use of correct grammar would ensure that your paper is readable and the information included in the paper makes sense to your reader. Therefore, it is crucial to work on the grammar firsthand and write coherent sentences. Consider the methods listed here below:

  • Make sure the data in the sentence is clear
  • Use transitional words
  • Subordinate clauses
  • Use active voice
  • Active verbs
  • Stick to grammar rules

Proper referencing and citation would go hand in hand with the function of the grammar. It would act to authenticate the ideas on the paper.

Be Yourself

It is crucial to have individual thoughts when handling an essay since your reader would easily interpret your mind based on the content Let your reader stand in a position to hear your voice and decipher your judgments. In the case of the lecturer, he or she would use the content of the paper to gauge your learning progress and grade you accordingly. Therefore, the need to make your writing unique and interesting is fundamental.  

Structure your thoughts in a logical manner, and write about them concisely. Besides being yourself, it is crucial to include concrete ideas in the paper. However, ensure to include supporting statements to every idea, even if it seems obvious to be a fact. Assume that your reader is not aware of that fact and try to expound further on it.

The General Outlook

The essay outlook comprises the outward impression that a reader would take for any writing. The first impression contains the font size. As yourself: Is it readable, neat, and organized? If the answer to these questions is yes, then undoubtedly you will lure your audience to read through your paper. Consequently, the reader, if in this case, it is your lecturer, then you will get marks for that.  The paper structure would then take the writing style prescribed in the guidelines. It may include APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, or any other type.

The first impression is crucial as it serves to captivate the reader to the text. The logical inclusion of topics, headings, and subheadings also aids to provide neatness and format. Therefore, make it proper and use right word choice. The general outlook will function to encourage the person who reads your piece of writing. It is the same case with the dress code. The same way you would gauge a person depending on the dress code likens to format as it gives you a node to continue reading through while expecting something interesting. If it has a shoddy outlook, then there is no doubt that the reader may decide to ignore some parts, consequence of which is an unwarranted mark.

It would be unwise to say that the list is complete as there are other numerous underutilized tips ignored by students. Some may include planning, setting deadline, and even continuous practice. However, the above discussed, seven lists are among the most commonly snubbed guidelines. It would be easier to note that there are several hints that writers often ignore that would provide support to the entire essay. Find out where you fall short and amend for quality work.