Five Ways to Shake Up Your Morning Mimosa

Mimosas are the perfect way to celebrate the spring season, to toast an event, or to simply enjoy with your weekend brunch. They’re light, refreshing, and, best of all, easy to make at home.

Traditional mimosa recipes call for equal parts sparkling wine and orange juice. When choosing a wine, it’s best to go dry and relatively cheap; try prosecco, made in the Italian region of Veneto, or cava, a twice-fermented wine from Spain. For the orange juice, freshly-squeezed is always best, but if you’re using store bought juice, make sure there’s no pulp, added sugars, or artificial preservatives. When ready to drink, grab a champagne flute or wine glass, add your wine followed by the orange juice, and serve chilled.

Once you’ve tried the original, there’s plenty of room to play around with varieties, ratios, and ingredients. Whether you’re looking for something fun, zesty, or complex, mimosas offer an easy and customizable base. Below, you’ll find five suggestions for how you can shake up your morning cocktail.

Swap Your Juice

Not into oranges? Try swapping half or all of the liquid for pineapple, grapefruit, or apple juice. For some extra fizz, sub lemonade or kombucha.

Add Some Fruit

Add a spoonful of fresh or frozen fruit to your mimosa glass for a pop of colour and flavour. Mixed berries, mangoes, and sliced pears all work well.

Add Some Spirits

For a boozier start to your day, top your glass with an ounce of your favourite tequila or an orange or other fruit-flavoured liqueur.

Spice It Up

Fresh herbs and spices like mint, rosemary, and cinnamon pair well with lighter fruit tones. Add a sprig or a dash to your drink for enhanced flavour.

Make It Creamy

Opt for a thick, creamier textured cocktail by blending in some ice cubes, coconut yogurt, or even a scoop of vanilla ice cream.