Flume Blooms in the Shadows of Migos & Lil Yatchy

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Photos by Andre Gagne

A sea of chaotic youth shook the Lebreton Flats fairgrounds Thursday at RBC Bluesfest . Nineteen year olds falling over, twenty year olds using their friend’s shoulders to cry on, and twenty-one year olds being wheeled away by paramedics. The Toersa security and Ottawa police definitely had their hands full yesterday.

Migos took the stage after a 45-minute delay to let crowds through the main gates. 

With American artists such as Lil Yatchy and Migos lined-up, it set the tone, but no one expected so many bruised and bloodied youth to exit the grounds. There was, as many audience members noticed, a difference between the Canadian crowds vs American crowds. The fresh ages of most of the artists brought in a ton of young viewers as well.

Though of course not all who came, came for aggressive lyrics and heavy testosterone vibes. The day started with Toronto’s Daniel Caesar, whose gospel warmth seemed to calm the teenage fever. And the evening ended with Sydney’s Harley Streten, of Flume.

A water-coloured sheet hung overtop Harley’s sound system, which as he began to play dramatically dropped to reveal the twenty-five year old.  As he is usually associated with such names as Chet Faker, Little Dragon, Beck and Kai, it was refreshing to see him on his own, in his own element. The lighting design was also a sight for the eyes. Every new beat produced a new neon accent, making the show into an almost low-leveled firework display.

As for Flume’s first Ottawa crowd control, the first half lacked attention due to the distraction of the lights and imagery that engulfed him. But then, once he was fully visible and began commanding the stage, he demanded the crowd’s attention. Overall, Thursday’s line-up showcased the many genres that Bluesfest can bring.