• By: OLM Staff

Food Frenzy in the Capital

When the average Canadian thinks of Ottawa, they think of the national hub of power and politics. However, our great city is more than just that.

Don Chow and Jennifer Lim’s new book Ottawa Food: A Hungry Capital is a feast for your eyes. In it, they explore all things food in Ottawa. The result will leave your taste buds tingling and your stomach growling.

Chow and Lim found their beginnings on foodiePrints, which Chow founded. He intended it to be a recipe collection, but it grew to be so much more. FoodiePrints has evolved into a collection of stories and restaurant reviews. Chow and Lim now use the website to document and share their food findings with readers.

Chow and Lim’s interest in food stems from their parents. Chow’s parents familiarized their children with “earth-to-table eating.” For Lim, it was exposure to a culture of food and cooking from her mother and father.

This heavy familial influence gives reason and sentimentality to Chow and Lim’s dedication in their book: “to our parents, who instilled in us a love for food, gardening, cooking and the importance of sitting down for a family meal each day.”

The core of their book explores the “vibrant food scene” in Ottawa and the wide variety of places to fill your appetite in the nation’s capital.

For example, Chow and Lim believe there is a culture developing in Ottawa that is “infatuated with craft beer, street food and eating and buying local.” This book speaks to that culture, with entire chapters devoted to each topic.

The duo believe “Ottawans are developing a love for good food and drink.” How could you not with so many delectable, unique and scrumptious options surrounding you!

Ottawa Food is available wherever books are sold and also online through The History Press.