Fortnite might come back to iOS soon!

An update to the ongoing legal war

It’s been some time since the whole drama of Epic Games withdrawing Fortnite from the Apple App Store started. Every iOS user has been waiting with bated breath for the decision to be made. Is Fortnite coming back to Apple devices or not? It’s also a hole in increasing Fortnite accounts and players because many people use iPhones and they can’t access the game. Well, they might have other consoles, but phones reach a wider audience.

A Recap

The whole problem started when Epic Games sneaked in an alternative method of payment within the app. According to Apple’s guidelines, this was an illegal move for apps to do. Epic fired back, saying that Apple is creating a monopoly of iOS apps through this guideline. Plus, a 30% commission on all transactions done through the store is a significant chunk of an app developer’s profits.

Android got a pass for this as there are many alternative app stores across devices. The results were a lawsuit and the withdrawal of the Fortnite Mobile app on the App Store.

Epic Games had made videos about it, but after that, things died down. Of course, they’re still fighting in the background, but bureaucracy takes some time to process things. So it’s been some time, but now there’s something concrete we can hold onto.

The Update

Now, there’s been news that Apple is trying for a settlement. They’re relaxing their strict policies of in-app purchases, though they’ll still maintain the 30% commission should customers pay through the store. They’re also setting up a fund to support small-time developers as well as adjustments for the commission rates for small businesses.

First, it has to be approved by a judge though. It’s not the best solution, but it is one. Time will only tell if the judge or Epic agrees to it. If not, well, the ruling will change how Apple treats its apps going forward. The settlement would also change it, but not as much or as drastic as a ruling in Epic’s favor would be.

Fortnite’s Return to iOS Devices

At any rate, we can expect that the Fortnite app will be returning soon. Whether triumphantly or not, only time will tell. Players can now create their own accounts or buy Fortnite accounts for sale to play on their iOS devices. Otherwise, they can buy skins from the Fortnite Item Shop on their phones to enjoy.

With cross-platform play among all consoles, they can play with their family and friends, even across the world. All anyone needs is a phone strong enough to run the app, and then they can play with all kinds of players near or far.

That’s why this lawsuit needs to be resolved sooner rather than later. Apple users make up more or less half of all phone users, with the other significant portion being Android users. Without the app on iOS devices, Fortnite Mobile can’t reach half its intended audience. Other than being a source of profits, it’s also an avenue for new players as mentioned above.

Let’s look forward to Fortnite Mobile’s return to the Apple App Store!

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