Four Reasons You’ll Jump on the Bone Broth Trend Immediately

Tucked in between the artisanal kombucha and small batch cold brew coffee in the grab n’ go section at your local Farmboy, you’re now able to find the hottest new trend in the health & wellness industry. Consumed by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Salma Hayek, and touted as the new elixir best suited to replace your guilty habit of multiple sugary drinks in a day (hi Diet Coke – guilty!), this new must try is chalk full of the good stuff because it comes from the real stuff. Bone Broth is often referred to as liquid gold, so before you potentially gag and stop reading, here are four reasons why you’ll jump on this trend immediately.


Bone broth is exactly what you’re thinking it is – stock made from the bones and connective tissue of animals. However, there are a few differences in the cooking process of regular ole stock vs Broya Living’s bone broth (the stuff you’ll find at Farmboy) including: time (longer to ensure that all of the nutrients and minerals are extracted), bone quantity (higher bone to water ratio), bone quality (most stocks don’t even use real bones) and flavour (so you don’t have to add anything to it – put that salt down).


The short answer: it’s good for you. It’s believed that the collagen protein derived from bone broth can fortify joint development, combat common sickness, elevate energy levels, nourish gut durability, secure better sleep and, most importantly (obviously), create glowing skin.

Hollie Grace James tried Broya's Chicken Bone Broth


I was putting that first sip off for like days…I’m not gonna lie! I have a hard time eating meat – like, I can’t eat pork belly or blood sausage, simply because of what they are called. I also don’t think I’d really mind stopping eating meat altogether. So knowing that there’s some connective tissue floating around in these pretty bottles makes me wonder where the prize money is because I did not sign up for Fear Factor.

But then, I’m thinking, “do it for the experience!”. And it’s not so bad. It might even be tasty – like if you enjoyed soup broth enough to bottle it (there’s a reason that doesn’t exist!). I’m thinking it’s one of those things that you drink not at all for the taste, but for the health benefits. Fair enough right?


From the time that Tim Sotoadeh set foot on a local farm, he vowed never to spend another dollar on industrialized meat. Apart from the obvious health and environmental reasons, he believes in the energetic content of the animal. Meaning if an animal is treated poorly, we’re consuming all of that negative energy – not good. Feeling like this was his thing, he decided to go for it, ultimately creating what we have here – Broya Living. Broya isn’t limiting itself to liquid either – they also have protein bites if you prefer the crunch.